Plates for my restaurant

I am currently looking to switch from card board circle peels to real dishes at my restaurant and am having a hard time finding a 14 inch plate… anyone have any suggestions or places they have used to buy plates that they can pass along?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

If you are looking for serving trays I highly recommend Pizze Pleezers because they allow steam to escape and keep the crust from getting soggy.

Good suggestion Daddio.We have several accounts that use them for serving pizzas;


Are we correct in assuming that you want a plate to serve the whole 14 " pizza on?

George Mills

yes, I am looking for a real plate however. not a metal pan or anything like that… Trying to keep an upscale or “gourmet” feel

flippin you want upscale or gourmet but these are the pans that some of the best pizzerias anywhere use. Like daddio said it allows the steam out and keeps the pizza crisp. Yes there are cheap pizza pans and there are ones that look… better. Bottom line is you can still use a pizza pan and look good but the taste is the real key for having those people return and pay a premium for those pies!

i understand those might be good… but I am looking for a dish/plate.


American Metalcraft is a great company for a lot of metal and china or glass products. They only go up to 13" round on serving platters. You are getting large, heavy, EXPENSIVE!, and very big mess when dropped!!! Their website is You could see if they have or can make a 14" for you. I must ask… you now serve on cardboard… so I am lost at the idea of spending $25-30 a plate on china for an “upscale” look. To each their own…but I think unless you have gone to white tableclothes and napkins… and issued crumb pushers to your well dressed staff… metal is the way to go.

OK I found what you need. Go to and find their 15" bakeware round. Oven safe, dishwasher, glazed pretty, and still $30 each at their outlet store! OUCH! :shock:

Go on the Internet to

Many 14 in plates shown there

George mills

I also recommend staying with metal/aluminum if you can . . . weight is big deal when you get that large in chinawares.

There are very nice decorative metal platters that can be had for not an arm and leg. You can look as well as I, but I’ll give a go at George’s site as well as my own look.

Nick after I posted what I found I read the specs… 15" round…so a little edge so the pizza stays on… and then the SIX POUNDS WEIGHT!!! Dang!!! :shock:

Hey…my platter is on Georges site… but I have to say… sorry George but it’s at $42 a piece and only $30 from the mfg’s own site. That doesnt add up… but good site to check out options for a lot of items. Metal is still the route I agree with.

Hey from that site I found a place called “” and they have 14" white china pizza trays that are $145 for a case of 12. Price getting better!

this is more along the lines of what I was suggesting. Sure it is pricy, but a little research might find more options. PS make sure you DO NOT cut on these jewels, and use aluminum bladed servers to avoid scratching the polished surfaces … T1801.html

and less sturdy

goolge searched: round metal serving tray
you’ll see American Metalcraft, Carlisle, Vollrath and some others