Playing Card Marketing

Does anyone know where I could get playing cards made with my logo on them?

I looked into this a year or so ago and found them fairly cheap but they were coming from Asia so I would need to purchase a huge number of decks to get a decent price. Thought bout advertising a “poker” special for a couple pizzas and a couple decks of cards. We used to deliver to quite a few houses hosting regular poker games with a whole lot a money changing hands. I’ll find the emails and get you the name of the company I was looking to order from.

The company I found was I have a quote from 10/2006 of 55cents per deck including shipping to the port of Jacksonville. The quote was for 10,000 decks. Hope this helps.

If you have any casinos in your area, perhaps you could call their purchasing department and ask who their supplier is?

I mean, all casinos have logo’d cards on their tables.

Maybe you could even try to come up with some special with them (assuming you DO have some sort of casino around).

I love the idea in principal. They have a big advantae over me, though. Casinos can buy their decks by the metric @ssload since they A. gross bazillions of dollars, and B. need potenitally hundreds of decks a night, and C. can sell them on the back end as novelties.

I don’t have the sort of capital to buy/import 10,000 decks of logo’d cards, even at 55 cents per :frowning: It’s a goal. Then I could give every man, woman and child in my zip code 3 decks of cards!

Hi Everyone,
I can print Playing Cards. Depending on what you want printed, I can do as few as 50 decks. If anyone is interested, PM me with the quantity and the number of imprint colors and I’ll send you a quote.

I can also help you out with playing cards…

Chipotle restaurant used to have a very cool free burrito certificate that was in the form of a playing card with a quasi-Aztec motif, they were way better looking than a normal gift certificate, and I imagine harder to make a fake of. I used to get them as tips from a customer that managed one of their stores, and I ended up eating there for lunch quite regularly, since they were right across the street from my shop. I always like the idea of having several different coupons made up in this style, and then “decks” of them to drivers to give out at their discretion to cool customers. I think the fact that they weren’t regular coupons but an “exclusive” think would make them more desirable by customers, and if they were sturdy enough, possibly reusable. Anyway, I don’t mean to sidetrack things, but it the subject just made me think of it.

I can suggest a company from which you can make your cards but i don’t know whether they supply to the particular country or not where you could get playing cards made with your logo on them? i just got this name through google you can also try other like tm,bycycle ,gamecrafts,makeplaying etc.

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I like too much playing cards, play the playing cards, often I leave the class, it’s interesting game.

we use poker chips that come in real handy for a quick sorry when we screw up…it has our logo on one side and the offer on the other (free small cheese or free large cheese)

This thread is old but anybody still interested. …photo printing kiosk at Walgreens has that option

For $23/deck lol