Please do me a favor

Hi everybody, our local paper is doing an online “best of” survey.

Please go to this link

On survey #1 under pizza, please vote for Soda Creek Pizza

Under men’s clothing, please vote for Zirkel Trading

Those are the two businesses my wife and I own.


Done…And do not be fooled by the ad sales folks when you win!..When I sold radio ads it was a great way for us to sell ads…

I also padded the results in your favour :stuck_out_tongue:



done and good luck

Done. I hope you are successful.

Voted! Dang that was one long survey of Best Of’s… :stuck_out_tongue:


I expected to see a listing for the best “old fat pizza guy” so I could vote for Fat Boys.

Online surveys and contests are total BS. Anyone in the world can vote for something being the best even if they have never stepped foot in their doors, or used their products.

Probably a catch-22. Every other place is probably soliciting votes from the internet world - so you can’t just sit back and wait for real customers to vote for you since they are inviting everyone to “cheat”.

Good luck.

I am a real customer, but he won’t send clothes for me to try on and he says delivery to Western Australia is too far away. :stuck_out_tongue: But I still voted for him.
Didn’t see any polling for the best acoustic guitar player in Steamboat. I would have had 3 votes to cast then.


Done, Good luck!


Geez RG didn’t you get your free pizza Steve sent out for everybody? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Dave, we ship stuff every day from Zirkel Trading… just gets expensive if it just to try on! LOL

Thanks everybody.

Yes, I know these guys are trying to drive traffic and therefor build the sales pitch… but on the other hand, we already advertise there…

Thanks again!

Done Good Luck!

done! good luck!

Done. Good luck

Geez that was quite the survey…done! :smiley:

Steve I got bored and went back to vote again for ya. Good luck! :!: