PLEASE---no comments in here from POS companies

And, please, no negative comments about any, either. I want to hear pluses and minuses about POS systems, not griping and complaining.

At the Expo this year (my first one), my main goal was to settle on a POS.

I’m now at the point where it’s between Foodtec and Revention.

I went into the Expo really hoping Firefly would do something to keep my interest. After 3 attempts to get an on-line demo, with no responses, I had all but given up. Seeing their pricing at the show, and I did give them a VERY long look, I simply decided I can’t justify the money (upfront AND ongoing for support).

I looked at Arrow and InTouch, and HarborTouch as well. They simply didn’t do anything for me. (HarborTouch does have that revolutionary, no up-front cost and $69/month deal going, but I’m not convinced). In most of the sessions I attended, someone asked the presenters (those who were owner/operator/whatevers, actually running restaurants) what they used. I heard Foodtec and Revention more than others. Which gave me extra interest, but that’s not my sole reason. And, to stress a point, I heard NO ONE in any session talk bad about any POS, nor did anyone really spout overly good stuff about any. I heard “we use XYZ system, it is what seemed best for us.”

It seems that Revention is a little more flexible in cost management. The ability to price things out in deep detail gives it a little more oomph than Foodtec. I do like the mapping feature in Foodtec, the ability to ID specific buildings with details (this is the NoTell Motel, it has 30 rooms, but get there within an hour or the caller will be gone.) Easy to add new places on the map, new roads even. The menu setup seems to be pretty consistent between the two. Something about Revention has caught my eye and, since I left, brought it up a bit in my mind.
Both gave very good demos at the show. Foodtec has redundancy among the stations, a good thing if hardware goes bad. If software crashes, it makes no difference anyway. Foodtec also has the overnight option for replacement.
Revention, for about the same annual cost, has 24/7 service, where Foodtec’s is daytime (with more extensive for more money) but Foodtec also has a by-the hour option (ah, the NoTell again… :twisted: :wink: )

So, anyone who has knowledge of either of these, and preferably both, please sound off. If there is a shortcoming, please present it in a calm, factual manner. I’d like a professional discussion, not drama. I have enough of that with my 13 year old.

Thanks, everyone, for respecting the purpose of this thread. I hope others will be interested, and helped, by this discussion. If you have positives about other systems, please add them here, also, and put the Brand Name in the subject line.

I looked at both systems with a Canadian eye. Either one would fit most of my needs but neither one fit the one need that I really was looking for. The PIN and CHIP technology that is taking over the great white north seems to be of no interest to any of the POS companies.

I think if I had to make the choice between the two you have narrowed your choice to, it would be Foodtec because of the mapping feature. I live in an area that is constantly building and the mapping feature would be a real plus.

The fact that both have truly integrated online ordering (no third party involvement) is an important feature in my mind. The question I put to all the POS venders was: If a customer wants to see what they have ordered in the past can this be done for online orders as well as phoned in orders? Many were not able to give a clear answer. Foodtec and revention both indicated the number of orders you allow the customer to see can be set in the system. Since they both are truly integrated with their online ordering it is possible to see all orders.

Do a quick search of the forum. One of those POS companies has responses like:

I have ********* and it is fully integrated. There are a few flaws…

I have been with ********* since May 09. I have had my own ups and downs but none of them have been unresolved

if I could do it all over again I would choose another POS system.

I am going to be truthful in this post. You will see both their good and bad points. If you can live with their bad points then I would recommend them.

Of course I am not too keen on ********* right now either

I have been a ********* Customer since 2005. The bottom line is no one can beat their service.

What he said. Buyer Beware.

…they hide behind walls and again I state, they can’t be trusted…

My experience with ********* has been a complete train wreck.

From the first page of a name search. 7 Negative posts 1 positive.

Now the comments from the first search page of the other POS:

Good Move with ******* That was the best decision i ever made

Im glad that i don’t have these problems with mine. Thanks ******* Solutions

i used to use sandia imaging to print my old ones but since I switched to ******* they take care of everything now

…thank you *******

Have had ******* for over 3 years and love it… Two big thumbs up - very rock solid.

Pretty overwhelmingly positive reviews of one of those systems, mostly negative for the other.

Prism by Microworks

After 13 years, if I were shopping from scratch, no question at all in my mind, I would go with Prism again.

  1. Truely specialized pizza software. Handles all things like sizes, 1/2 & 1/2, cooking instructions, delivery information like zones and time on delivery as well as the deals, coupons, specials etc that our industry likes to use.

  2. Useful modules for scheduling, food costs, employee hours (even if they do different jobs with different rates of pay) tracks tips, charge sales etc etc

  3. Great reports on everything I have ever wanted reports on. I do not use a fraction of what it can offer, but everytime I have thought of a report I want I discover it already exists.

  4. WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE. In all caps for a reason. This is where the class gets separated into the Advanced Placement vs everyone else. With 13 years of use I can tell you that things come up. Computers do not like flour! The support system is really there. Even nights and weekends if/when there is a serious issue you get a call back within about 20-30 minutes. With online access to the machine you are up and running!

  5. Fully integrated on line CC processing (you choose the processor) and on line ordering. And yes, to Daddio’s point it will ask if you want the same thing as last time and you can save several “favorites”.

  6. Expandable. You can add order stations, printers, etc etc

You get what you pay for. A lot of the systems that come in on a budget are just that: budget systems.

I have used both systems, and for my use the mapping on both are sufficient, good in fact, the problem i had with Food Tech was the support, it was always a hassle to get anyone to help. Where it makes a difference is on a Friday or Saturday night when you are in the weeds with no open tables and a line waiting, then the support is the real issue, Revention logs on and fixes the issue, its that easy and of course I like to know what the issues is but the fact is when you slammed you want it fixed!
The second is the ease of adding specials, changing menu items or adding coupons, with Revention I can just log on and do it, it is simple and my managers and shift leads can also add or delete daily specials as they change.
the third is the fact that Revention is proactive in resolving issues and I did not find that with Food tech, I want my suppliers whether they be food vendors or pos vendors to act like partners “when I am on the phone with them or there is an issue to be resolved” Revention does that and that is important. it sounds like you are doing your homework and that is important, I hope my comments have helped, I am an owner of three stores and have owned and operated 12 in the past, cheers

Well since Chris pulled a quote from a post of mine out of context I will go ahead and tell you that I would suggest Revention all the way.

Keeping it on the level - the system does everything you need and more.

PM me if you want more in depth thoughts about specific features. I pretty much use everything (and have been up an in my stores at 5am the past 2 days doing some PCI upgrades and the end results are even better than anticipated) they have to offer or will give it to you straight on features and add ons I dont use.

Sorry about that dale. I did a search and pulled every sentence off that.

Needless to say though, maybe you should give your POS company some advice and tell them that sending someone to post about the greatness of revention (the guy with no posting history who posted above you) just damages their credibility more than anything.

That does look fishy huh…anyway I actually am legitimatley happy with Revention.

I totally trust your endorsement 314. You have been around here for years.

jacob250 on the other hand? Are we supposed to believe he browses an obscure forum on the PMQ website just waiting to plug the company he uses? Nah.

You don’t know vladi17 or whodoesntlikepizza or bigslice do ya Jacob? They, and others, did the same thing.

Hi Pizzamancer and yes I just did log onto the PMQ site to see if I could answer some questions and be helpful to anyone that may need some advice, but just to set the record straight let me just say this:

  1. I am a certified Italian Pizzaioli and trained in Italian culinary arts.
  2. I have owned and operated 12 restaurants currently have 3 open and profitable
  3. I have won over 80 culinary awards nationally and internationally.
  4. I have been featured on the Food Network, and have consulted with the Food Network
  5. I have created and sold dough recipes to one of the top ten Pizza company’s in the world
  6. I am a sought after consultant to restaurant owners around the nation and in Canada
  7. And I am a columnist, lecturer and culinary teacher for the industry

And I am a guy that loves to help people from a perspective of good karma, no fees, just honest input and experience from INSIDE THE KITCHEN!

Oh yes and I also just returned from the International Pizza Expo where I spent hours upon hours with attendees helping them in many fields of restaurant operation at no cost BECAUSE I LOVE THIS INDUSTRY. So I did just sign up on PMQ forum to expand my knowledge and possibly help others, and your post caught my attention because of my experience.

I dont think the moderators of this forum will appreciate your tone, and I am disappointed that I even responded, why don’t you go buy Food tech, or Revention and learn the hard truth yourself, because you are certainly not appreciating the time and effort others are taking to help.


Foodtec vs Revention

Actual appearance Revention looks more pleasing to eye.

Revention uses thumb print for security access.
Foodtec uses I-buttons which can run you $10-$15 a piece.

Mapping is not a problem with either system
Revention uses Google maps with turn by turn directions.
Foodtec uploads the map let’s you edit streets.

Menu Management
Revention is very user friendly from editing pricing, menu items adding specials
Foodtec you havre to call tech support.

Online Menu
Revenrion has different platforms you can use. The best one is there automated system a person asking the customer questions. There is an additional charge.
Foodtec has an online ordering system there is a monthly charge plus 3%

Revention and Foodtec have great marketing systems in place. Foodtec charges a fee for there’s.

Tech support
Foodtec has 24/7/365 after 9am-9pm you have a live person. After those hours leave a message.
Revention has 24/7/365 live person one flat fee. Cost a little less for more support.

Revention’s all in system is great and affordable.

Good Luck

Welcome to the boards Gio.

We too have also been looking and looking at POS Systems. Revention does seem to keep popping up. We just need to bite the bullet since we are in the process of open our 2nd shop.
Hope you dont mind me asking but, What kind of pricing are you getting? Monthly Fees?

My last quote from Revention was $28,602 for a six station system.

OUCH! Thats a lot of pizzas! We do a pretty good business, still seems like a lot of money. Isnt there a cheaper option that is comparable?

I decided that it was too expensive for me and went with Prism for about 60% of the cost.

To some extent, you get what you pay for. The full-featured, expandable, reliable packages with top flight support are not cheap.

As I posted above, we use Prism too. No complaints after 13 years.

I recently got a quote from Prism. I don’t think it’s quite 60% of the cost, otherwise Revention would be almost $50k for this set up:

1 mgt station, 3 cash and 2 phone stations (all dell w/touch screens), 8 security cameras, networking kit, 6 Epson receipt printers, 1 report printer, 3 cash drawer, 3 mag card reader, 4-line caller id interface unit = $14k

6 Prism licenses, web order set up ($400), web order monthly ($100), MS Mapoint w/Prism Interface ($400), ACH Digitized Street Database with Sector ($400), PCCharge ($500), Merchant Setup ($200), Menu Programming ($500) = $7,700

Install and Training ($1900), Travel Exp ($900), Shipping ($325), Cash Discount (1$1,800)


I won’t go into specifics, but that’s one HUGE advantage to attending the Expo…show pricing!

When was that?

The last 6 station system we bought was < $20K. You can pick one up for about $16K right now, which include their “all-in-ones”. … ricing.pdf