Please post any bugs/concerns with the forums here

As you guys have probably noticed we have changed our community software up on you.

In retrospect we should have let the community know what was going on, but our hopes were that this would be so seamless you guys would barely notice.

There maybe a little confusion about this so I wanted to make a post where you guys can post bugs we may not have encountered or ask questions and get a quick response from the people actually doing the changes(as opposed to going through the moderators and waiting on an answer).

So what we have now is The Think Tank 2.0. This software is called PHPfox and built into it are some modules that should help strengthen this community. You will notice a new gallery for posting picture of your store, pizza shows, etc… We also have the Pizza News module. You can have your own Blog, set up polls, watch Pizza TV, join groups(feel free to create them!), browse the classifieds and events and still have access to the forums(still called the Think Tank…only a little confusing, sorry about that guys).

You can navigate this new software by the navigation bar at the top. Please feel free to add pictures to your profiles and start friending people. We did a database merge between this software and the original Think Tank so all your log-in information should still work.

Now we are having a few small problems. I will keep a running list here as well as any updates on fixing them. As you guys encounter problems please post here and I will add them to the list. Hopefully we can keep the list pretty short.

Logging In - Currently if you log in at the forums you will be logged in for Think Tank 2.0 If you log into Think Tank 2.0 you have to re-log into the forums. We are working on correcting this now.

** Fixed ** Pizza TV - Currently you have to be logged in to watch Pizza TV. We are working on making this an open module. Until then, if you need to link the videos, you can find them at

Classifieds - We are working on making the classifieds module be listed on the home forum page so it will generate more exposure.

I’m a Mac guy and I cannot log into PMQ anymore unless I download a third party browser like Firefox. I was always able to participate before via Safari.

I’ll look into it.

I’ll send you a PM when we have a fix and post it here also.

You aren’t the only one with this problem it turns out. We are working on it now.

how about the avatar?

Got it fixed.

Go HERE and at the bottom you can set your avatar.

Edit For what ever reason something broke when we turned it on and we had to revert back. Give our webmaster a bit to figure out what happened and we will get it working for you.

twice in the last few days while not logged in I have read a post and clicked the reply button. After logging in, typing a reply and hitting the send button I get asked to log in again and the message I typed is gone. I’m not sure if this has to do with having two different places to log in and out of but I now feel I need to copy each message before sending in case it gets lost.

Beat me to it Paul7979,
The session times out way too quickly now. If you have more than a couple of sentences to say, it will timeout. A bit frustrating for some of the more longwinded posters here. :wink:

What browsers do you guys use? I’ve never once had it times out ever. In fact its never ever logged me out.

For some reason, I am only able to log into the forum at home. On my work computer I can log onto the site, but the forum refuses to take my name/password. I click enter and the same screen pops up. I’ve tried clearing my cookies, cache and history all to no avail. Any idea what could be going on?

Thanks, Tim, for helping me figure out how to get back in here to post. It’s been a very frustrating couple of weeks standing around on the outside looking in! However, I don’t like that the world doesn’t seem to write new software that is compatible to Safari, and there are many, many, many of us Mac Safari people out here who feel a bit discriminated against. I’ve downloaded Firefox now and who knows what complications that will do with my configurations, but I’ll do most anything to post in here!! :lol:

This is happening to me also. We are talking to the developers of the software about correcting it now. I hope we soon have it fixed. I lost this thread the first time I posted it :x

I’ll check into this. This is the first time I’ve heard of this problem.

Are you able to read the forum, you just can’t log in? I’m assuming you were able to before we switched?

I use Firefox, the webmaster here swears by IE8.

We both played with Google Chrome for awhile, and while it has some really neat features, it was still to buggy to use as my everyday browser.

Hopefully we can get it fixed and get you back into Safari soon.

Firefox is the better browser :smiley:

I am having the ‘time out’ issue also. (having to log in again and losing my post) I use IE 7.0.5730.11

Also when I am composing a post, the html tag boxes (bold, italic, underline, etc.) at the top of the screen are red letters with a black background and impossible to read. They were not like that before.

Here is a screenshot:

I think I fixed the time out issue, I extended the session to 2 hours. I’m waiting to see if it happens to me again.

I’ll work on the buttons now.

Ok, button problem fixed.

Havent you guys heard about the problem IE has been facing with the hackers and whatnot?! Its been all over the news.

But anyways, you know what would be a cool feature? Like some check mark or something by the thread to remind you that you’ve posted in that particular thread.

Our webmaster has been using Firefox until Microsoft gets the IE bug fixed.

I’ll see what I can do about configuring it to let you know when you’ve posted.