please reread meat in sauce?

i wrote this wrong you guys must think this guys an idiot.i didnt mean meat sauce i use meat and bones toflavor my sauce then remove them. like making stock. not pizza sauce spagetti sauce ect.but is this still considerd meat in sauce .

I think the previous replies to your previous post still applies . . .

No Big Joe - this is fine - I’m sure people who are vegetarian or have meat allergies will be fine with the fact that whilst it was cooked with meat it hasn’t actually got any meat/animal in it because you’ve removed it.

Perhaps you could do something similar with nuts and seafood…

YES, yes I do!!! I’ve not laughed so hard in long time.

In all seriousness, and because I really can’t believe you’ve asked this twice - NO people who are vegetarian do not want to eat and people with meat allergies MUST NOT eat products cooked or that has come into contact with meat/bones as it will a) offend their beliefs or b) maybe cause serious illness or kill them! Likewise with nuts and seafood - just to be really clear!!!

Hey, this forum and the pizzeria owners in general are a pretty nice lot. Don’t worry.

No you aren’t an idiot and I certainly didn’t think you were. Most of us thought you were talking about pizza sauce, I think.

As for the spaghetti sauce why not cook it that way AND put meat in it? It would be a delicious meat sauce. As for vegetarians, keep a bit of plain marinara on the side for those who don’t want meat. I can’t remember where you are from but in our neck of the woods we have a few vegetarians, but when they call they make it clear they don’t want any kind of meat product.


Maybe worth considering a little asterisk or something on the menu to let people know that there is a meat product in play, or to alert them to ask specifically about vegetarian options. I have used a concentrated stock in sauce like that before, and was hyper-sensitive to let people know since it is not what I consider a “common” practice (adding beef stock).

why not just use meat stock as part of your sauce recipe?

WizzWazz, you been pretty hard on folks lately. I gotta stay outta the cross hairs to be sure :slight_smile:

Hi Nick

only been hard on this guy I think - oh yea and Mr ‘I’ll crush anyone - now give me some hints and tips!’ :roll:

but back to this post - remember his first post (to which he refers)

‘do you think putting meats in red sauce would cause problems for customers ? i guess im thinking vegetarians and food allergies’.

Now I’m sorry but any discussion, regardless of how its phrased, about ‘meat’ and then ‘would it cause problems for vegetarians and food allergies’ whether its a meat sauce or a non-meat sauce… Meat/Vegetarians???

Come on now - am I really being hard on him?

I thought the original question was rhetorical…