Please vote for your favorite POS application

We are kindly requesting you to vote for your favorite POS application and if possible provide a quick description, or some of the reasons that made you choose yours among the competition. (I.e. price, features, support, ease of use, etc.)

We truly appreciate any input!
Thank you for your time and participation.

Fed up with Revention, Demo’d FoodTec but decided against it. Looked at several others but went with Speedline, have been happy so far.

Revention: Too many problems over the years that never got fixed. Tech support started out very good and just nose dived over the years. Constantly being lied to and threatened pushed me over the edge and i ditched them.

FoodTec: Forcing employee’s to use their own hardware to be able to work was a deal breaker for me. And after seeing it used in practice (a shop in town uses it now) i am glad i did not go with it.

Speedline: Far more powerful then Revention, but you have to be willing to learn the depth of it. Multiple Online portals, and i believe they even allow 3rd party access to the API for online ordering (ie grub hub and the like thru a licensed portal). No database problems yet (huge Revention problem for us).

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Thank you for your input. Glad to hear that you found a software that works well for you and you’re satisfied with it.

You neglected to include Point of Success. This system is a good budget system that allows for a DIY operation. You get features you would be surprised are included at this price level.

Thank you for your comment.
I have to say that I did not choose to neglect including anyone. No application was left out intentionally.
Since the poll has a limit as to how many options you can add, it was expected that many applications wouldn’t make the list. That’s why the “Other” & “Tablets” sections are there, for that specific reason.
The purpose of this poll is to collect reviews and success stories about any application used.

Foodtec solutions
Customer since 2006 .

Took a chance on it. Never looked back. Top notch support , very stabile software , delivery iq for drivers, customer loyalty , web ordering , too much to list.

I’ve experienced sales increase year over year since 2006.

If your referring to drivers using their own phones for delivery , my employees were hesitant at first , but after seeing their tips go up , that went out the window.

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I have been with Foodtec for approx 10yrs and very happy. I think it really stands out over the others with delivery…deliveryIQ is the best! Their online ordering is great and other features like loyalty, mobile app, and target market all in one vendor make my life easier. It is not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

@famousperry[/USER] & [USER=34]@RobT Thank you for your comments. It’s always nice to hear positive experiences :slight_smile:

Prism by Microworks. Excellent support great online ordering. Very simple interface that my 60year old father can even use. Very stable as well.

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I think SpeedLine is so far the best POS application. They have a great system that helps me organize thing better. Even It takes me a lot of time to customize it for my store. But it is worth to me.

We’ve had it with Revention as well after 10 years. It’s been 2 years since your post. Still happy with Speedline?

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I like “point of success”. I have worked at many other pizza shops. And this by far the easiest to learn and teach. Also by far the cheapest. Just get your own equipment. And install it.
I dont recommend buying it thru the company though. Their pretty long winded. You will need to hire a dealer for support anyway, so you might as well give them the coin. “A Custom POS” is by far the best.

Im also experiencing the issues mentioned with revention. Ive been with them 10 years in two locations, but i’m now keeping an eye out for a change…

We are going with Toast. Very good service so far. Have worked with Speedline as another very good POS system.

Speedline Solutions - Very honest company, always working on ways to improve, their system does just about everything you can ask for, customer support is spot on, open api. Those are just a few reasons.

My only complaint with Speedline is they use Bing Maps for Live Maps and for API for their OLO. They could easily use Google but refuse to citing cost for customers. Brygid uses Google to enforce street database and it’s free for 20,000 map searches a day so it’s frustrating to me. My area is growing with so many new plans. Bing is awful with this aspect

The Live Maps has improved a lot. Most of the time when the POS gives you an error that it wasn’t able to map the location I can just override the warning and live maps will still find the address. If its a street address that the Speedline can’t find (auto fill the blank) you can just update your address data base to include all the new streets. For the addresses that can not be found and puts the address in the top right corner of your map (sometimes this is due to the street zip or city being wrong in Speedline database) I put in a request to Bing maps with the correct location. I put multiple requests in until the mapping is corrected.


I actually don’t even have a street database. It finds most, some can’t be found and we override it. My gripe is more so with how SpeedDine validates delivery addresses (with Bing) if there’s a relatively new plan (in the last 5 years) Bing usually doesn’t have it updated yet. If it isn’t there in Bing then SpeedDine rejects it and the customer cant get delivery.

In store I have a lot that map way outside the area. I wish if it was outside the set delivery coordinates that it would at least just show as could not be mapped. Maybe this is more specific for both of these to my areas but I strongly feel like a better option is out there and there’s a weird refusal there from Speedline.


I’m picking up what you’re putting down now. It’s on the SpeedDine side when someone enters their address it is not recognizing it as a valid address.

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Precisely. It’s frustrating because I know a better option is out there and it would make my life easier with menu changes and out of stock items

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