Please vote for your favorite POS application


We do have some of the same issues with Bing not being able to map an address. It’s usually a new housing development. It gives us the error and we over ride it. Sometimes it maps but locates a street hundreds of miles away as you mentioned.

I’ve done several test tickets with these bad streets and for whatever reason they always give me a " good to go" on the online side of the software. We have yet to hear from a customer that couldn’t order online with an “in area” address.

The menu changes in Speeddine are a little confusing, but they are doable with a little work.

The out of stock items are a big issue. We ran out of a topping at a store the other day and ended up just turning off the online orders for the remainder of the day because we had to call back just about every customer. Speedline said they were real close to adding the out of stock feature to system.



That’s interesting to me that the address would work. I was very specific with Speedline in asking questions about new housing plans that their longitude and latitude would fall within the boundary, but if street isn’t recognized by Bing as a verified address, how would it respond. They told me if it can’t find the street how could it allow a delivery to a street that doesn’t exist. This is where the frustration comes from and maybe they truly don’t know and that was their best guess. I was kind of put off by the guy doing the demo too, I had to follow up with him for answers he said I would have no later than about 24 hours from the demo. Took a week and a few emails that were not responded to and a few phone calls. Don’t get me wrong, I love the system Speedline has maybe it’s growing pains but the response time and knowledge is certainly not what it was 6 years ago. They’re still a solid software and I’d recommend it over any other POS I’ve just noticed a lot of change I guess

I should add that while Revention was great for the first 6 years or so, I can’t recommend them now. I’m looking to switch in the near future. Speedline and Toast are the 2 that we are evaluating.

Brett, would appreciate any insight you get from your evaluations. I too have used Revention for about 5 years, and due to many recent changes and unaddressed issues am looking to change.

Microworks/Prism. About 14 or 15 years. Service is excellent. multiple locations

Toast by far, and if anybody decides I would get a referral bonus :wink: I would love to walk them through it.

Toast has monthly subscription fee however is constantly updating. I have used many different POS systems over the years, and things I like about toast are as follows.

Credit card processing, online ordering, and the POS are all one, very easy to manage and any time j have a issue there is only one person to call .

It’s very simple to add new items, take a item down, and change items straight from the POS tablet, and editing one will instantly update my online ordering as well.

Support is amazing, 24/7, I call, and a English speaking person immediately helps me with any issue I may have.

Cloud based reporting and ease of access, I can check anything I want any time I want from any where. I have the POS system on my phone so when I am away from the shop or a employee has issue with certain ticket j can immediately check from my phone, process refunds or even check to see if things are super busy and might require my help with our any one having to call me from shop. i like to always be in contact and be able to monitor things while on the go. There are some ways to save money, where they might suggest you use there hardware but in reality I use some cheap tablets from Walmart as well.

If you have any questions about toast feel free to message me directly, I can not praise them enough.

Will do. Spending some time on a statement of requirements. Crazy time we’re in!

Prism by Microworks pos solutions has never let me down. I highly recommend them very easy to use and teach new employees easy user interface and has never given us any issues. Also their customer support is rock solid.

How does Toast pos process/charge for half and half pizzas?

We have a different situation as we charge the whole pizza for the higher priced side. It took them quite awhile to get it working but it does work now with very close pricing to our menu.

If you do a simple 1/2 and 1/2 formula (for example if you had a half 3 topping and a half 2 topping, it should be a 2 1/2 topping charge), they should be able to program it pretty easily for you.

We just happened to have a very difficult pricing structure that they didn’t think about at first but now I think they have it down.


We’ve had Revention since 2015. For what it’s worth, I actually like the software and tech support. It’s not perfect, but I don’t imagine any systems are. We also use their online ordering system, Hungerush, which is great.


I checked in with Speedline today. Seems I was given bad information before (from a support member and sales rep) anyway, SpeedDine does enforce delivery validation through Google’s API, not Bing. Bing is only used for livemaps so it would completely fix my issue. Thanks for reaching out on that. Hope all is well out there for you!

I thought it may be something like that.

If you are thinking of switching to SpeedDine let me now and I’ll give your the pros and cons.

email me at

I use Toast as well, switching from Clover. I do not like their system for 1/2 toppings. How did you set yours up? Support has been good, I do wish some reports were available to download, as I like to keep my own DB of all transasctions so I can compare if I move POS.

I set mine up as large toppings
Then 1st half then 2nd half

Yeah, I had them set up as Pizza|Size|Whole Toppings|1st Half|Second Half I’m in the process of changing. I really wish they were more pizza centric…

What will you change it to? I haven’t found it to be a issue at all. You can check my online ordering site to see how mine are set up.

I just checked your site, and that is where I’m working towards. Toast set up my initial menu last year and I have two menus: Food and Drink. I’ll be working toward yours. I wish they would set it up with a little programming like Customer selects Pizza, then selects size and the price of topping change automatically.

First installation of Toast last week. So far so good. Very positive at this point. Getting everything ironed out before we launch at the other 3 stores. Given our situation with Revention, this is a breath of fresh air. I recommend Toast.