PMQ experts

Why does it seem that mr. Lehmann is the only one who answers in the “ask the expert” forum?

I have noticed that as well. Chris in the Marketing forum does answer as well. It makes you wonder why the others are even there.

You are right about Chris although Tom just stands out as someone who has a true desire to help people… How heartbreaking it was when I found ou the Manhattan he has the classes in is in KS… (I guess my loveable north east attitude led me to believe that there was just one…)

BTW Daddio not too long ago your area was hit by a fire or some kind of disaster right?

How are things

1/3 of the houses in a town of 8000 people were totally destroyed. Thankfully there were no casualties. The town residents had all been evacuated to other nearby towns and cities. That was about 2 weeks ago. The residents were allowed back into the town yesterday. The rebuilding has already started.