PMQ Live - Wednesday, 3:00 Eastern

Join us in the PMQ Live chat room Wednesday afternoon at 3:00 Eastern when we chat with Mike Rasmussen of Rasmussen Tax Group. With Tax Day just a week away, Mike will field questions from you about what can and cannot be claimed with the tax man. No registration required!

Wednesday, April 8, 3:00 p.m. Eastern

Liz, I’m curious how many of us here have our businesses set up as corporations. I bet the majority of us do, and our tax returns were due March 15th.

also liz, you should double check to make sure your chat room works. last i knew, it was a nightmare. constant long pauses(5-10 minutes) where it doesn’t show any of the chat, then all shows up once. It really needs some fixing. I msgd the webmaster some time ago about it and never heard anything back and as i said, last time i tried it was still not working.

Hi Piper,

Thanks for bringing that up. Many companies file for extensions, are interested in info for the following year, or just need general tax/accounting advice. It never hurts to have an accounting expert around to answer a burning tax question. :slight_smile:


Are you referring to the new PMQ Live chat room (last week was our first week using it) or the other chat room in the Think Tank? I’ll remind him to take a look at it. Thanks!