PMQ needs your feedback!

Do you offer wine at your pizzeria? Wine and pizza are a perfect match, and we’ll be covering this topic in an upcoming issue of PMQ. Make your opinion heard in our magazine by answering as many of the below questions as you can and emailing me your responses at Make sure to get the responses to me by next Monday, Oct. 20 (just let me know if you need more time)! Thanks!

Why did you decide to offer wine in your pizzeria?
How many types of wines do you offer? Do you have a house wine? What kind of wine do you think goes well with pizza?
Do you sell mostly by the glass, carafe or bottle? What are your prices like? What’s your most popular wine?
Do you ever suggest any food/wine pairings to customers–such as suggesting a port with dessert, etc.?
How do you market/advertise your wines to customers?
Did you have to buy any special equipment to sell wine?
Do you have any specials that incorporate wine?
If you have anything else to say about wine, feel free! Thanks again!

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