PMQ Orlando pizza show

I just returned from the PMQ pizza show in Orlando. Very much different than the Vegas Expo but still a much larger show than I expected. A lot of it wasn’t pizza related but I ran into quite a few exhibitors I knew. Roma, Fontinini, Liguria, Tyson, US Foods, Cheney Bros, Marcal and Sons, XLT, and Edge Ovens were all there. Mark from Edge Ovens was offering a show special: 60" ovens for $18K for a doublestack and $24K as a triplestack. One of our stores that still uses 360’s decided the price was too good to pass up and looks to be upgrading. All in all a good show that I left with quite a few good contacts. I may head down on Sunday to follow up on a few items, anyone from the Think Tank going to be there then?