PMQ Pizza or PMQ Treats - "Pizza in the shop name"

I want to compete with the pizza chains and with Delcos etc… but my first ideas is to not use ‘Pizza’ in the name. Like Vinnie’s Pizza, \ny Pizza… and so on.

I don’t want to say my idea name but I want to have other items as well and not just be known for pizza. Its actually going to be a Pizza/GreekCuisina/veggie place and we just don’t want to throw pizza in the name. Is this a disadvantage when competing in the pizza market? (pickup/delivery/dining)

Will people be too turned off of the pizza that doesn’t have ‘Pizza’ in the store name? Could that make the name too fancy?

thanks :smiley:

I don’t see it as a disadvantage…I don’t have pizza in my name and about half of what I sell is pizza.

Should have stated that will be in the states. I am from Jersey. but the place I want to open is in NW. anyway in Jersey… to me anyway… usually pizza joints that have another name other than ‘pizza’ in the name means its more high priced type and not exactly fast ordering sounding. maybe i’m looking too much into it :? :lol:

most greats I know are… like pats pizza, vinny’s pizza, nicks pizza … I can go on and on

yea but at least you have Barbque in the name… which kind of gives the stigma I think… but right it doesnt tell you there is pizza. hmmm

This is going to be a case of you are wrong no matter what you so…If I am looking for pizza I am most likely going to look for a name that has pizza in the name…If I am looking for something other than pizza, I will look 1st at a name that does not have pizza in the name…

So the message here is you have to market market market so folks will know what you serve…

You may also want to consider the whole “online search” situation. Google and other search engines rely heavily on company names, website URLs, and content for indexing and ranking. For example, if someone types in “Pizza in NJ”, you may not show up, or you make rank very low, if “pizza” is not in your name…just a thought.

Our name is Hannah Bananas, we market our Logo like Papa Johns. When people see our happy Banana guy they know it’s us. But, it took a LOT of marketing to make the general public aware what we actually serve. I’m in a good situation now because I market my brand instead of product. It was a lot of work and very expensive, but now people say to me, if it’s Hannah Bananas it’s gonna be fresh and great tasting no matter what the item is! Mission accomplished.

                                                                              Over and out, Willi

I get new folks through here every day who said they heard that there was a good pizza place In town but kept driving past the BBQ joint.

I am gonna get an add-on to my sign that sez ‘PIZZA!’

Or mebbe just a neon in the window.

Or not.

We use window vinyl image and lettering signs. One says burgers, pizza wi-fi etc. You can find them inexpensively on-line. You can even get them custom made. I get emails from one company I bought mine from, when I get the next one I will post the URL, I’m kinda busy and can’t remember the name right now.


thanks for the feedback… you mentioned PJ’s good example, but they do have the word ‘pizza’ in the logo at least.

HannahB yea I checked your site out a few times, :smiley: it doesn’t say pizza to me at all! but you are marketing the brand like you said.

Anyway i’m going crazy thinking of a name and word placement. I have the feel but I just can’t put it all in a couple words. I scrap ideas for months… recycle them… going bonkers.