PMQ's New Issue: Have You Received it yet?

Just checking to see who has received the April issue of PMQ. The issue is online at but wanted to know where it has hit.

If you got it, please post where you are (city/state).


Gto mine in Grantville, GA a week or so ago.

Did NOT get it yet- Bethlehem, PA

Got it in Hudson, WI.

did not get it yet jersey

Not yet. Altoona, PA

Got it. Gainesville, FL

Got mine at the office last week (subsciption), got two at the store this week.


not yet
central il.

got it today, Los Angeles, CA

got mine last week

Got it Wed the 25th. Long Island New York

Haven’t got mine yet in St. Louis, MO.

Grand Forks, ND

Beginning of last week- Michigan

not in NC

got it Friday…johnson city NY

Received it, Washington DC, although my pizza shop will be in Philadelphia, PA.

Still haven’t recieved it.Phila. Pa

not yet in oklahoma