PMQ's Pizza Radio: Hear Tom Feltenstein on marketing

Welcome to the latest evolution of…Pizza Radio. As you may have noticed, we no longer have the chat sessions, but this is now replaced with live recorded interviews. You can find the first of many to come at

Our first installment of Pizza Radio brings you an interview with Tom Lehmann. Tom discusses ovens, dough and other questions that were submitted to the PMQ Hotline (662-234-5481 ext 411). Go to and click play under Tom’s thread to hear the interview in its complete form. The interview has a total run time of about 35 minutes and is packed with problem solving commentary form the Dough Doctor himself.

If you have a topic you would like to see on Pizza Radio, email it to me at or if you have a question you would like asked on Pizza Radio, call the PMQ Hotline at 662-234-5481 ext 411.

All PMQ interviews will also be available as Podcasts, so stay tuned to learn more. You can also register for PMQ Pizza Radio Podcasts on the site.

So go have a listen and let us know what you think.

For video, we are gearing up Pizza TV (watch for the August issue of PMQ, whcih will come with a free Pizza TV DVD), but also stay tuned and check out in the coming week or two for video demostrations, interviews and footage of PMQ’s travels from across the globe.

Re: PMQ’s Pizza TV Has New Content

We’ve just add new footage to Pizza TV. Go to and have a look. There are multiple pages of footage ranging form product demos at various trade shows to footage from the US Pizza Team’s trip to Italy. Go have a look and let us know what you think.

…BONUS: Pizza TV DVD coming with every August issue of PMQ, so watch you mail box

NEW interview on FRANCHISING added to PMQ’s Pizza Radio

Just added, new interview with David Scott Peters on franchising. Check out the audio interview at

If you have questions or interview topics or speakers you would like to hear on Pizza Radio, call the PMQ Hotline at 662-234-5481 ext 411 and leave us a message.

POS TOPICS - PMQ’s Pizza Radio is now Live and Online!

Please direct all questions POS-related to the PMQ Hotline: (662) 234-5481 ext 411. Just leave a simple message with your experiences, problems, ideas, tips, or comments. You will be featured in the next audio podcast which takes place each week at


New Interview with Dr Christopher Muller now on Pizza Radio

PMQ has added a new audio interview to This week we discuss the formation of the National Pizza Institute (NPI) with Dr Christopher Muller.

Christopher Muller, Ph.D. is a professor at the University of Central Florida’s (UCF) Rosen School of Hospitality and a pizzeria/restaurant owner. Dr Muller, along with PMQ Magazine, is in the beginning stages of creating the National Pizza Institute of Education and Research (NPI) at the UCF Orlando campus. The National Pizza Institute will be an accredited program where attendees can earn a certification or degree in various areas of pizza management such as multi-store operations, accounting and book keeping, operations, marketing, business plan development, beverage and bar management, market research and much more. In addition to creating a curriculum for independents, the NPI can also create customized, proprietary training programs designed specifically for franchises and chains. To learn more about the NPI, listen to Dr. Muller explain more about it right here on

4 NEW interviews added to Pizza Radio

WE have just added several new interviews to PMQ’s Pizza Radio at

Interviews added this week include:

Evelyne Slomon, PMQ’s Culinary and Technical Editor, offers her advice to pizzaiolos who have recipe problems and questions pertaining to their products. She is the author of The Pizza Book: Everything there is to know about the World’s Greatest Pie. She is also the leading authority on the history of pizza.

Interview with Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco in Arizona. Chris on one of the most well-known artisan pizza makers of our day

Interview with Peter Reinhart, chef and culinary author. He has also just released his new book, American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Slice

We ahve also added a new video demo on . See the newest oven to hit the market at

New Interview: Tom Feltenstein just added PMQ’s Pizza Radio

A new interview is ready and waiting for you to listen to at Tom Feltenstein of Power Marketing Academy offers a unique strategic marketing approach–Four Walls and Neighborhood Marketing–that he’s been refining, evolving, and passing on to others for 40 years. So what is Four Walls and Neighborhood Marketing? Well, it rests on three principles: first, that everything you need to market your product or service effectively is already inside the four (literal or metaphorical) walls of your business; second, that properly recruiting, training, and motivating your internal customers-your employees-is the key to achieving record sales and profits; and third, that nearly all of your potential customers live or work within a 10-minute walk or drive of your store.

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