Point of sale feedback

Does anyone have a POS they use for pizza while offering delivery that also has a customer facing display screen for those picking up inside? Where they select the tip amount, and sign on the screen?

I use Toast and it does just that

Can we ask why that particular feature is important to you? Is it bc the tips are higher when the customer feels pressured to tip. Im not trying to sound like a jerk or some guy on a high horse. Im just trying to wonder

Every Pos Ive looked at that has those cool modern touches like front facing displays, sleek looking interfaces, modern web ordering design theyre always missing something crucial for me its kind of annoying but in the end I went with Microworks and I love it. Im saving over $350month just in web ordering fees. Plus makeline monitors over tickets. Ease of use. And all of their technology is under one roof

Well for a couple reasons

  1. Less paperwork at end of day (don’t have to shuffle through all the credit card slips to enter tips in and possibly missing one)

  2. My customers have gotten used to customer facing screen and with ours currently not working, having to slide them pen and paper they get irritated

  3. My employees make a lot more in tips with the screen versus people writing in a tip on a line on their receipt. I don’t feel that it’s because customers are forced to by any means. They can sign without a tip.

Gotcha. The only one I saw was called Clover. But when I looked at it it didnt seem built for pizza delivery, more built for like a Blaze fast fired pizza type place

Yes that’s why customers are used to it, previous owners used clover and it is not built for pizza or delivery
We switched to paradise pos but have been having lots of problems

Speedline has all of the items you listed but I’m unsure of the tip prompt on the customer screen. We don’t use customer facing displays, but you outlined a few points that would make sense to look into it