Point of Succes International Users (Australia)


I started reading this forum a week ago and have found it most informative.

Congrats to the creators and all the posters

I have read on the Point of Success website that it is compatible for use in Aus. Has anyone outside the US purchased this system?

Any feedback would be great

Thanks in Advance


Hi Micky. I’m from Perth WA and have been looking at POS for a while now and am almost certain to buy it providing I can get hardware retailers to give me a quote for 3 x computers, 3 x touch screens, cash drawer and two printers plus some other small items. They must have too much business because not 1 have replied to our request for quotations (typical of Australian businesses though).

I have been in contact with Mark Tipper from POS in Seattle who handles the international side of things. He put me in contact with a guy in Melbourne who is using POS and swears by it. I spoke with him for some time and he was all glowing. I have his contact number if you want to talk with him.

Mark also said there was someone else using POS in Australia but they bought direct from POS and not Mark.


If you want to talk about the system feel free to contact me by email at pizzapizzazz@iinet.net.au or call my mobile on 0400 022 188.

I have also found this site to be great for information sharing and have used a lot of their ideas to great benefit. It’s a shame we don’t have a similar one of our own now. They used to have a PMQ Oz site but hardly anyone used it except for a multitude of porn spammers, and those who did use it didn’t really share info and ideas such as these great people in the US and Canada. I sought of feel of them being my friends in business.


Re: Point of Success International Users (Australia)

Point of Success is used in about five locations in Australia. The low number is because we do not regularly promote Point of Success there. It is designed and tested to work in Australia as it would work in the USA, Canada and UK.

The good thing about our demo is that it is the live software with data storage limitations – Meaning that if the demo works to your satisfaction, then the system will work in exactly the same way. Here’s how to test it: Go to Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options. Select English (Australia), then install the demo software. If your regional settings are already set like this and the demo is already installed, there is no need to change the settings and reinstall the demo software.

Please let me know if I can help you in any other way!

i am using this software in Canada and am very pleased with it. I am able to do GST, PST as well as any exemptions. A great POS.


i want to use it in China. will i have any probelm? any reference? is it compatible with chinese character ?

Point of Success is supported only in the US, Canada, Australia and UK.

Thanks a lot guys

Dave when i get a bit closer to purchasing i will get in contact with you


Hi Mickey … I am Mark that Dave spoke about in Seattle. If I can answer any questions about the system please contact me. I too owned a Pizza Parlor and used the sytem for 3 years. It really does work well. Cheers… mtipper @ pointofsolutions .net they are spaced so it will go thur. just take out the spaces or go to our www . pointofsolutions . net