Point Of Success and Jeff

I just wanted to come online and give my thanks and appreciation to Point of Success and Jeff Ward. I purchased the software and had it set up at my shop. I really love what it has done for my business. I have so much more control over my inventory and the reports are great.
There was one minor printing issue I was running into and couldn’t figure it out myself or with my tech guy. After my tech guy called POS and spoke to Jeff, he let me know that there would be a trip coming up that would have Jeff in my area. (I am in Los Angeles, I believe Jeff is in New Mexico). Jeff actually took the time to come down to my shop and take care of this minor problem himself. It took all of 15 min get my system running perfect.
I couldn’t be happier that I made the choice to buy POS. Jeff and his family were great. They gave some nice compliments on my pizza and even bought some shirts!

Just wanted to say thanks again for standing behind your product. There are not many of companies like that these days.

Danny Gallego

Uncle Reds Pizzeria

That’s great news…as I new buyer of POS myself, I hope my experiences with Jeff and his crew are as positive as yours. :slight_smile:

The Jeff that came to your shop is Jeff Crandall, another of our fine people. He told me your pizza is great and the printer problem was a simple one to solve. Confusing us is a common mistake. We’ve worked together for about 15 years. At one point, the company where we worked had 7 out of about 60 employees named Jeff! That’s almost 12% of the company with the same name! We’ve done better here – 2 of our 9 employees are named Jeff. A whopping 22.2%!

I’ll make sure the other Jeff gets your thank you.

Update: Jeff didn’t say your pizza is great, he says it’s “Killer Great.” Every year they do a big family trip to Laguna and the plan is to meet at your place for pizza while they’re there!

Sorry Jeff… since I have seen you post on here in the past, and was introduced to him by my tech guy(also named Jeff, lol) I just assumed it was you. Either way, great product and customer service. Thats really great to hear that he liked our pizza that much. I look forward to seeing him at our place again.

Thanks Again :smiley: