Point of success and POS Pizza Jeff?

A few questions about Point of Success for Jeff Ward or anyone on here who knows.
I am trying to price the hardware for a system in what will probably be a very small shop square footage wise.
I will have two order terminals in the front of the store. One will be used for end of night closings. As I understand it this will required 2 PCs and one extra system licence I am torn between a monitor at the make line and a simple ticket printer. I would rather have a monitor, and lastly a driver dispatch station. Can a driver dispatch monitor and make line monitor be run from one of the two PC running the POS system ? Or will that require extra PC’s and licences?

On the Point of Success website they used to always have a bundle type promotion buy POS premium and get any of these add on’s at a discount. Currently I see nothing.

I see something called Point of Success pizza it looks like maybe its a special POS program just for Pizza stores but I see nothing about buying it. Is that just one of the features of POS premium?
Thanks, Warren

I’m here all the time but I only contribute to the discussion when I’m asked to or I can add something to a non-POS discussion.

“I see something called Point of Success pizza…” The software you’re referring to is “POS Pizza.” The POS acronym means “point of sale.”

The kitchen monitor, delivery dispatch and order taking functions in Point of Success are all done in the Order Entry program. Each computer can do all these tasks. You can dedicate a computer to one task or you can do multiple things on the same computer. For example, one of your ordering computers can also be used for dispatch.

We just started a promotion today - You can see it on our web site on the Prices page.

So is pos pizza a seperate program from point of success premium or part of it? To clarify my question I knew i could do everything from any computer what i am wondering is can one computer also support a second monitor for the make like and can the other support a separate monitor for driver dispatch so if both were busy they would not have to wait to dispatch. Not a real big issue with drivers but for make line if i cannot support a make line display from the same pc as i take an order on then i would go with an order printer

POS pizza is NOT affiliated with Point of Success.

as a Point of Success user, I began with a single license and one impact printer…over time I’ve ramped up to a six license system, all built with used Dell PC’s and used thermal printers (3)…I’ve taken advantage of Jeff’s deals along the way, adding the time clock and licenses…you can’t go wrong with them…

Each computer runs one display so you need enough computers to do all the things you need to do at once on a separate computer.

Computers are the cheapest part of the system, I have 3 terminals, (2 at the service counter, 1 near the line, delivery staging area) I added on terminals as needed with our growth using Refurbished Dell Win7-Pro system from walmart, all under $200.00 each. I think I paid $98.00 for my last one.
Touchscreens, Newegg, Tiger Direct, or other budget places got me 21"-22" HP monitors.
Printers; I had to do some searching for what I wanted, and as much as I loved my 2-color thermal printers, I recommend you avoid them! Because nobody wants to sell 2-color paper in quantities less than a pallet load. I run impact printers for our CC receipts, single color thermal for customer receipts, and a 2-color inkjet for our kitchen tickets. I prefer ethernet connectable printers and use my 2nd terminal for my print server.
I can get you a hardware list that will not break the bank if you’d like

Thanks for all the replies. Got rocks I will message you via inbox

Point of Success is a great product. I get new ELO touch screens from posshopper.com for $392 and free shipping.

We used POS pizza for 3 years. We opted to switch to Speedline we decided we needed something to help improve our order taking mistakes and speed on the phones. POS Pizza is a product of Summit Computer Network and has no affiliation with Point of Success. POS Pizza, as we have some friends in the industry still using it, seems to be improving and has the ability to connect to Brygid Technologies for Online Ordering.


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