Point of Success Help

I Just recently purchased point of success and am very pleased with the versatility that it offers but am having some trouble with setting up systems. I have a multi computered shop, and we are using all of the optional programs, Credit card processing, Dispatching, Time clock and so forth. I am guessing that some of the other guys and gals on this board are using the pos program on multiple stations and can offer some sudjestions on how to implent the program correctly. if any body can be of help I love to chat vie email and or telephone. Thanks.

First I would like to suggest you use the free tech support that comes with the purchase.
I use four stations. what are your issues?

I use point of success as well - 4 stations, cc processing, time clock, future order, scheduler.

With each purchase, you have 30 days of free tech support. After that you have to pay. It’s still not too bad, like $195 for 6 months unlimited.

It’s a great program, and they do a good job of listening to customer feedback with changes that should be made, so don’t hold back talking to them.

Also, if you purchased through a dealer, they will usually give you tech support for forever, they are more leanient.

I guesse what I am looking for is the best way to do driver banks, and runs. how to properly use and implement CC processing. should I tender the orders or not tender the orders. The best way to make sure that each shift manager is accountable for his or her drawers. I am using 5 computers and hoping for the next big networking set up so tha I can add two more. I also use 7-9 drivers a day and am trying to make the business run smooth and honestly with out my pressence being needed and or wanted every night.

I figure that everybody who uses this system has had to implement policies and choose the best way to use the program, I would just like to avoid the sixmonths of frustration and possibly loss trying to develope them myself.

Thanks for any help.

Okay, I’m going to try to answer your questions, but if not, let me know.

First of all, set up driver banks in the order entry program, using the manager button and go to tills and banks. Give each driver his own bank, and give them starting cash. I start with $30. You can set the starting cash amounts in the office manager program under the tools menu.

They collect all of their money throughout the night. Everything that they receive from the customer goes into that bag, including cash, checks, and credit card slips. I think it is best to have the driver tender each order when coming back from a drive. You can set it up to only tender cc payments if you want, but I believe this is best to tender cash and check as well, because if they need to add a coupon in when they get back, or change payment to credit card, then can do this in that window.

You can also set a limit on the amount of money each driver keeps in the bag. Mine is set at $200. When a driver gets more than $200 in his bag, the computer forces him to do a drop before he can sign out on any more drives. To do this, go into the manager button, tills and banks, highlight the driver bank, and do a drop for the amount that you want to drop. Then highlight the main till, and do an add to the main till for the amount that you are putting in the cash drawer.

At the end of the night when you close the driver bag, it will print a reconciliation report. This will detail the drives that the person took, and will tell you how much he owes. Collect this money, and whatever is left over is his tips.

Now, as far as making sure the managers are responsible for their drawers is to close their till at the end of their shift. When a manager is ready to leave, have them count down the drawer and close the till. You can have a till rec. report print, and it will tell how much the manager should have of cash, cc, and cash. The manager can then take this money to the bank for a deposit, that way you have less cash in your store.

I’m sure you probably have more questions, but those were pretty broad questions, and broad answers. Feel free to ask more specific questions. We had some problems in the beginning with getting the cash to equal out all the time, but once we figured out the computer system, we’ve been very happy. It runs quite smoothly now.