Point of success improvement Thank you William from K&K

Got Point of success 8 years ago. After using it for a week I complained about the kitchen monitor We’ve been spending 3-4 seconds to bump and print every order with moving the mouse around and clicking it 3 places. Finally now we’ve got it set up with a macro and a single keyboard button to bump and print.


William is awesome! We have used him for years and I always say he is one of the best things we’ve ever spent money on here in the pizza shop. Went from writing tickets in the very beginning to Point of Success about a year after opening and could not be any happier.

I use William as well

William is awesome!

How did u do that!?!?!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks for pos that you have figured out to save time taken orders

Download Autohotkey and make a macro to highlight an order, print box labels, and bump all in one step.
we use an upside down keyboard and the function keys