Point of Success Inventory program

I absolutely love all of the other programs you can add to the Point of Success (POS) system and I am wanting to add the inventory program to my arsenal. Does anyone have any experience with it and how difficult is it to keep updated once you input all of the information? I just like the idea of it helping with portion control, monitoring food cost, and being able to print and place my vendor orders without having to go into each location.

First off I will disclose that I am a Point of Success dealer. As with any inventory program it will depend on how in depth you want your inventory program to be. I have had customers that inventoried everything down to straws and napkins. Needless to say, that was a huge undertaking not only in the initial setup but also the maintenance of the program. Since I am not sure exactly what you would like to get out of your inventory program it is a little hard to determine how much maintenance you would need. Feel free to let me know if there are any questions I can answer for you.

I use it and like it a lot. One of the main reasons I went with Point Of Success is because we are also a grocery/carryout and I needed something that could handle and track 1,000s of items. It can be tedious to set up for single items. For example, for 1 Snickers bar, I need to add it to the system. Then I need to add a recipe for a Snickers bar, add an inventory item for Snickers bars, then make the recipe read 1 Snickers bar. So, it’s a pain for single items like that. However, it works great for food items. You build your recipes into the system and it pulls that amount from inventory when you make the sales. You can also print out those recipes with the amounts and instructions if you want to have sheets or a recipe book for staff. I only wish it could add a picture too. But as long as you check in items with purchase orders, it will help you track your food cost for each product. You can set reorder points as well. Overall, I’m very happy with it and it is one of the essential aspects to why Point of Success works so well for us.

Thank you so much! I just needed someone other than a POS dealer to give their opinion. Thank you again!

I’ve heard good things about all Point of Success Dealers, but I and other here can personally vouch that William with A Custom POS was incredibly helpful to me in setting everything up.

I can vouch for William with A Custom POS as well! I just wanted to hear from someone that uses it on a day to day basis.