Point of Success online ordering?

I do not see where POS has online ordering. Is anyone using it with online ordering? If so, post your opinion and suggestions. Thanks!

Point of success inability to integrate online ordering has been the only reason why I didn’t get their software.
Otherwise, it’s great from what I hear from everybody here.
I’ve heard that they’re working on that though. I will definitely switch to them, once they come up with that.

Go to pointofsuccess.com and click on their forum, they have a topic going right now about people wanting online ordering. Voice your opinion and maybe soon they will really turn up the heat on that project. I am wanting it really bad right now as well!!!

There are only 7 people that have voted on the poll there but I think that is because it is in a thread titled after reading another post… in the Requests for New Features forum. So for all you Point of Success users go and place you vote maybe it will fan the fire.

Maybe knowing they are losing customers will prompt them to develop a module.

My bad Daddio, I should have been more clear in the title. I would change the title of the post if i could!

A moderator replied today and said they are working on it but no way he would quote a release date so who knows…at least they are working on it!

I saw it but the poll had already ended.