Point of success or Diamond Touch

I am contemplating either Point of Success or Diamond Touch, and am at a cross roads, Either of these systems look like they would be good.

They are competitively priced… I know that people will dissagree, but if you compare them software price for software price POS is only slightly less than diamond touch.

So with money not being an issue I am wondering which one of these is easier to use and has a better all around layout for a large menued store.


How so?

Most of the DiamondTouch prices I’ve seen are in the neighborhood of $15,000 for a complete 3 station system with hardware, software, training and setup.

Breaking that down, let’s allow $1800 per computer for all the hardware (that’s about twice what it would cost to do the hardware yourself), and $5000 for setup, travel, and training. That brings us to $10,400. Even with these huge allowances for hardware and labor, the difference is $4600 for software.

If you bought Point of Success Premium and included all the options (3 user network database software, 4 line Caller ID, Employee Timekeeping, Menu and Setup training CD, Employee Scheduling and Big Dave’s FoodCost Pro) your cost would be under $2000. That’s a $2600 difference.

What am I missing?

By the way, I am not disparaging DiamondTouch at all. DiamondTouch is a quality supplier, and I have talked to many users who are very happy with their purchase. There is more than enough room in the market for Point of Success, DiamondTouch, and all the other pizzeria POS suppliers!

I have to agree with Jeff, I have Point of Success with caller id, food cost pro, schedule, time clock, training cd, and six touch screen stations with a cost of around seven thousand.

Hi TommyC

We have been using the Point of Success system for about 3 years. We attend the pizza expo each year in Nevada and have looked at ALL systems. Point of Success is really hard to beat. Both in price and in abilitly to make things happen. The delivery section will keep your drivers on the street and your customers HAPPY.

Look at pointofsolutions on the net for some cool screen shots.

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