Point of Success POS

Sorry guys about another thread on POS but I have some questions that you may resolve for me.

I am looking at buying the point of Success programme and ahve had some early email discussions with Mark Tipper from POS in Seattle (they handle sales to Australia).

Unfortunately POS haven’t got many customers in OZ and I ahve only been able to speak with one way over on the eastern seaboard (I’m in the west 4,000km away).

The guy in OZ who I have spoken with has praised POS except for a couple of points.

  1. He has found the half / half pricing a nightmare and has found using the combo button easier. He also said that it doesn’t calculate the price to the dearest half.
    Has anyone else found the same and if so how did you get around it?
    Also has anyone else found any other problems with half/half pricing, calculating, or setting?

  2. Another problem encountered was that the pricing is set at pre GST (Goods and Services Tax) and automatically adds the 10% tax onto the cost. This means you either have the onerous task of setting prices without the tax which is a pain especially when working out extra toppings at 50 cents, a dollar etc.

  3. Is it easier to load the pricing, menu etc yourself or do most get POS to do it for you?

If anyone can reply to the above it would be greatly appreciated.


I don’t use Point of Success so my comment is not geared to them in particular, just POS systems in general. I would highly reccomend that you have the reseller program your menu for you. I purchased two different used POS systems in the past with the intentions of programing our menu myself. Both of these systems sat for over a year before I eventually sold them for a loss. I know that many on this board will tell you that Point of Success is easy to program and to do it yourself, but I would reccomend you spend your time selling and marketing pizzas, and let the pros program your menu.

Re: Point of Success POS, can I use one ?

I do not have the volume to justify a POS and I would still like to have one, sooner the better I think.

Is there an entry level system that is modestly priced that I can build on ?
Simplicity and ease of use are my priorities.


I am not open yet, but so far I love my Point of Success software. I have programmed it myself with no problems at all. I like the fact that I did it myself because I know it very well now and can take care of my own problems without having to wait for, or pay, an outside company to fix them for me. The training cd is great and will help you get your system up and running in no time, mine took me about five hours to program from scratch. The program does let you charge for the dearest half, and much more. I think you should get in touch directly with the people at www.pointofsuccess.com, I think you will like them a lot. I think they even have a download so you can take a look yourself before you buy. Good luck, and thanks again for the sourdough recipe!

I recommend getting the training cd when you get the progran it is well worth the money. It will answer most of these questions.

  1. I use half and half pricing all the time with the most expensive half determines the price for the whole pizza.

2)The way to handle this is when you assign the product type (taxable or not) for each product.

  1. It is quite simple to do the pricing yourself. Again the training cd is quite helpful with this.

Let me know if you need more details.