Point of Success question about Voided Orders

To all of you using Point of Success…

Is there an existing report that shows the detail of a voided order? For example, if an order is entered in and the customer never shows up, we void the ticket. Can I see the detail of that voided order somewhere? I’m thinking there should be a way, but I sure can’t find it.

Any help would be very much appreciated!!!




There are two reports which show voided orders. They are found in the financial section of the reports, and are under the V’s. The first is the voided order list, which shows a list of voided orders for a specific date range.

The second is the voided order detail. This will show the detail of the ticket for the voided orders. If the ticket didn’t have anything on it, it won’t have anything to show and for those orders it looks like the voided order list. Right now, if someone calls and then decides not to order, so the staff hits done with a blank screen, it will show as a voided order. Point of success is supposed to be changing this and calling those orders “abandoned” so that they don’t show on the reports.

Also, if you go to the order entry screen, and select “view tickets”, select the date that you want to show and select “void”, you can see all of the voided orders for that day.

Hope that helps.

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