Point Of Success Question

Those of you that have point of success where did you purchase your hardware for it. Around how much did it cost you?

I bought the computers from Dell and the touch screens and the cash drawers and printers from a local independant computer shop.

The total cost for the equipment for 3 stations cost around $3500 of which the touch monitors were about 1/2.

Shouldn’t this be in the pos discussion?

question is fine by me in this cat, as its not discussing POS…

I bought all my CPUs, printers & T-screens on ebay - have a 5 station set-up for less than $1,500 - make sure your server has an ample ram and look for thermal printers, like epson, IMHBCO

Steve it is unfortunate that many folks do not even know the other sub-forums exist…When I click my bookmark it takes me directly to this sub-forum…How do we get the word out?..