Point Of Success Questions

I have these questions posted on the POS forum and I realize this is the wrong place for this, but I’m hoping for some quick answers so I can finish my system tonight and get everyone trained over the weekend.

  1. I can only get one of my four stations (register, phone order, office, kitchen) to let me open a new till and it’s the kitchen computer. The option is there at the register but it’s shaded so I can’t click on it anywhere other than on the kitchen computer.

  2. Where do I add the delivery charge?

  3. Can I have the system round delivery orders up to the closest $.25?

You ought to post your questions to http://posroundtable.com

You’ll definitely be able to get your questions answered there.

I did, but that board isn’t very active, so I doubt I’ll get any responses until tomorrow.

http://pointofsuccess.mykb.com/ Point of success knowledge base, should be able to find your answer

Unfortunately, no. Nothing there either.

When you purchased Point of Success, doesn’t it come with limited time support? It really sounds like a setup issue. Sorry I can’t be of more help, we are an Aldelo shop. Good Luck

  1. In order entry on the offending workstations, go to the manager screen, choose workstation setup, click the cash drawers tab, and enable drawer 1. you dont need to worry about drawer codes and whatnot if you dont have an electronic cash drawer.

  2. in office manager, go to tools, then go to “address and delivery options” (left side, about halfway down). you will also need to set the sales tax on your delivery charge as well under the sales tax options.

  3. I dont believe the system will be able to do this.

  1. Check
  2. Check
  3. Yeesh, that’s no fun. Do you have your drivers carry exact change or round up and let them keep the difference?

Our drivers don’t carry change typically - maybe 1 in 100 customers want change back to the penny. My drivers always hand back change rounded up (order is $18.45, give $20, change is $1). I’ve never had any complaints.


Just a quick suggestion too. Post over at the Point of Success forum and ask for a few phone numbers and email addresses. One of the BEST things these forums do is connect PEOPLE. I’ve exchanged more information via instant messenger, email, skype chats, phone calls, United States Postal Service, UPS, FEDex, etc, then I have via the forum.

Once you have someone’s contact info, in a jam you can call them up or get in touch with them in real time and get your question answered. As you can see from the community here on the forums. Everyone pretty much just wants to help each other out.