point of success questions

I purchased 2 point of success licences 2 years ago and never implemented or set up in my store for several reasons

  1. i bought refurb computer towers and one crashed so i dont know what to do with the disc or tower
  2. am i correct in thinking that two or more systems don’t “comunicate” share information?
  3. do i need a kitchen printer for each tower? if so i would need 2 printers on each station?
  4. time who has had the time to enter menu, i have a large menu and can’t grasp the effort needed?
    basically looking for some advice or ideas on how to proceed
    thanks guys

You will need to set up a network to get the computers to communicate with each other. Once you have a network set up you can share the printers of one computer with the other one. If you go onto the Point of Success web site they have a list of dealers that can assist you with setting up your system as well as menu input.

Point of Success also has a help forum http://www.posroundtable.com

I am a Point of success dealer and would be happy to assist you with the issues you are having. You do not need a kitchen printer for each terminal. As Daddio said once the network is set up printers can be shared. I can understand your menu concerns since a bad menu will make any system a nightmare to work with. I can either assist you in building it or build the menu for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

We are located quite a ways from a Point of Success dealer (55902). What issues does that present? Or can I use a local hardware/IT vendor to do the install? Thanks.

That would not present any real issues at all. You would need to have internet access and then everything could be installed remotely. Having an IT person to set up your network may be helpful. If you need a menu built it can be done in the office and then downloaded on to your system very easily. You can also ship the equipment to the dealer of your choice and have everything setup and shipped back to you all ready to go. I have installed a system as far away as Haiti with no issues. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any more questions.

its simple enough to install yourself…maybe a liitle bit of telephone time with Jeff or Jeff…

It depends on what “crashed” means. You can get a computer fixed by a local computer technician.

All the computers on the network share information with each other. We use a “database server” to manage your information. This software lives on one computer and the others communicate with it.

You need one printer in the kitchen and the other computers communicate with it.

We have free training videos on our web site to teach you how to set up the menu. Our support department can also help.