Point of Success, Revention, Aloha?

Currently use aloha at both locations. I’ve sat down with revention, I like their product. Point of success seems ok as well, especially the price. I have a few questions though…

Point of success:
We are an established place, we do a pretty tremendous amount of business during the summer time. I’m looking for a serious system that can handle it. Point of success seems, for some reason, like software that might be more of a “toy” than a rock solid “serious” POS system. Maybe its just me?

Do you HAVE to use mercury payments for point of success?

Is it fast? The demo seems like the tendering and a few other things are a little different than what I’m use to. Does it hold up well in a fast paced environment? Also the “time keeping” seems weird.

Worth the switch from Aloha? They have an area on their website that says “I switch from…” or something that talks about everyone switching from one POS to Revention, but who knows. I can always find someone that says good things about anything on the internet…

Trying to find something that can handle table service, delivery/takeout and wont fail or cause issues in locations that pump out a lot of food. I understand that almost any POS system, even iPad versions work well in slower places, but we are “balls to the wall” during the summer. Can’t have my POS system being the weak link…

If there are other softwares out there that anyone can suggest, I’d love to hear. We need all current technologies, online ordering, app ordering, etc. Aloha is falling behind in these fields and their takeout/delivery module just isn’t my favorite…


I do not represent Point of Success, but I am an independent, certified Point of Success dealer. I have listed the answers to your questions below.
William - A Custom POS

Point of success:
“We are an established place, we do a pretty tremendous amount of business during the summer time. I’m looking for a serious system that can handle it. Point of success seems, for some reason, like software that might be more of a “toy” than a rock solid “serious” POS system. Maybe its just me?”

A Custom POS has several customers doing in excess of 4 Million Per year with more than 10 POS Terminals. They have 99.99% up time, that means on average they are down less than 1 hour PER YEAR. We have many customers who would be happy to talk to you and give your their opinions and experiences on Point of Success and back up the 99.99% up time.

“Do you HAVE to use mercury payments for point of success?”

No the system will work with virtually any credit card processor.

“Is it fast? The demo seems like the tendering and a few other things are a little different than what I’m use to. Does it hold up well in a fast paced environment? Also the “time keeping” seems weird.”

Its extremely fast and user friendly, On a normal computer with other programs running it may hang a bit, but if you purchase Point of Success from a dealer or follow the configuration items listed here: http://posroundtable.com/wowbb/view_topic.php?id=2536&forum_id=10 you will have no problems with speed.

The Time Keeping is pretty standard, if you elaborate a bit on what you find weird id I may be able to give you alternate ways of using it or configuring it.

Point of Success would be able to accommodate all your needs listed, and keep up in the summer. Additionally it might be possible to use some of your old POS hardware for Point of Success and depending on what version of Aloha you have we can buy it back saving you a substantial amount on the POS purchase. We have switched several sites over from Aloha to Point of success with success.
If you are interested in more information or a quote feel free to contact me anytime and I hope I have answered your questions!

William Klaehn
A Custom POS

I am a Point of Success user, and we got to beta test Ver 3.xx before its release. I have never been on the Admin side of a POS system before using point of success, so I have nothing to compare it too, It just works great for us.

Speed? is it fast? we only seat 32 people in our dining room, yet we’re serving just shy of 800 people daily here in the summer months, and the system keeps up better than our cashiers do.

We do dine-in, (inside and outside options) carry-out, catering, and delivery and it has met all of our needs The fresh list is such a great tool for limited supply items so servers do not oversell an item
I absolutely love it.
The part that really sold me on Point Of Success is that I could bring my own hardware, and add on hardware onto to the system as needed.
I started with a single terminal, running 2 cash drawers off that single terminal so I didn’t have 2 cashiers sharing a drawer, I added another terminal at our service counter because we are busy in the summer. One terminal is for walk-ins only, the other is for call-ins & walk ins. The caller-Id module has functioned flawlessly, and my next addition will be biometric scanners for terminal access as opposed to employee numbers.
With an add-on module, you can use any CC processor that you want, I switched over to Mercury because I was able to negotiate some great rates with them, and recommendations of other restaurant owners who have tried several other providers but switched to Mercury.

I purchased a few Win-7 pro refurbs through the walmart website for less than $190.00 each, They came with the 7-Pro disc, I got my 21.5" HP touchscreens through Newegg, Star Printers and APG drawers from one of the many POS supply sites (a pair of 2-color impacts, and a pair 2-color thermals) A laser barcode scanner on eBay for $25.00
My system rocks, and it didn’t cost me a fortune to assemble it. It has been rock solid, their support is spectacular, especially their web forum.

If I need to change pricing in the system, I do not need a 7-foot thick operations manual to do it, it is very easy and fast. I can have specials that are only valid during a certain time window and between certain dates with a cashier not being able to override them, the reports, OMFG, the reports available are amazing too. I simply save them as a PDF file and email to my accountants, they can deal with them from there.

Another great feature that I have been taking advantage of lately, some of my cashiers forget to upsell, so I have pop-up alerts programmed in to many entrees to prompt them to upsell, or ask “Would you like fries with that” to get them to ask. We all have those “Special” Delivery or carry-out customers that enjoy their alcohol, and forget what they always order, it shows “Last Order” and I can have alerts pop-up for those customers too such as “Always pays by CC, but forgets to specify that, so take his card number over the phone” so I do not have a driver going out there without a card receipt with them.

I could go on for hours with praise. I guess the best thing is; I have my system almost idiot proof, the cashiers keep trying to prove me wrong on a daily basis, but they have not succeeded yet!

All of that sounds nice… Thanks for taking the time.

What about the online ordering? Does it work flawlessly as well? Completely integrated and seamless?

Yes the integration between Point of Success and BigHoller online ordering is flawless and seamless.
Orders that come in will pull from your inventory, print in your kitchen and act just as if you had entered them locally.
In addition you can dispatch online deliveries to delivery drivers and have customers place online orders for future dates that will print a set amount of time before the delivery or pickup date and time.

Furthermore BigHoller is a very reliable and easy to use online order service at a reasonable cost (70 per month for unlimited orders).
In addition BigHoller has a great mobile app enabling customers to easily order right from their phones.


Is the software available via download once purchased or is it sent on a CD? I’m interested in giving it a shot. I’ve called direct and also gave you a ring but both are out of the office for the holiday. I will try calling a few more resellers I suppose. We are closing for a few days in the near future and it would be ideal for me to get this done then.

Check out Speedline Solutions. It’s a rock solid system with a lot of feaurs as well. We switched from POS Pizza, which was a good start up, but we outgrew it. Speedline is fast, accurate, and up to date with all the new features that th big guys have, that the little guys want.

We rarely get a call back about a mistake on an order

Extras are charged appropriately

Substitutions are full customizable. For us, its a meat for a meat (unless premium) and a Veggie for a Veggie. Everything else charges.

Online ordering

Driver dispatch

caller id

Backend reports

LiveMaps that show in real time where your drivers deliveries are going. You see 4 orders in the same stretch, obviously 1 driver is taking them.

We are absolutely thrilled with this system!

Please call our 1-800 number
1-800-763-1330 or 419-967-0469 and Amanda will be able to get your information and email to send you a download of the software. And get the ball rolling.



I agree!