Point of Success Users . . . Please Help

Ok, stupid question, but I didn’t name myself pizza idiot for nothing:

In point of success, if you’re charging your credit card tips as you go but not paying them out, how do you pay them out at the end of the night? Do you just do a general paid out to a specified account or is it more complicated than that?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. We just opened and this is the first time I’ve encountered this.


The best practice is to check the “Tip Paid Out” box in the payment window. This will subtract the tips from the driver’s bank when you close it. If you don’t do this you can set up a “Paid Out Type” to do a cash paid out but it won’t be included on the employee’s tip statement.

You can set the “Tip Paid Out” to always be activated in Office Manager > Tools > Select the Tender Types.

Thank you, Jeff! I actually am doing that on the drivers, but these were in-house tips that we split among the whole crew for that shift. I guess, in that case, a general paid out would be best.

Thanks for responding on a weekend, though!