point of success users???

as in my previous post, i am currently trying to upgrade my system. it seems there are many fans of point of success here. i have downloaded the demo and spent quite a bit of time on the phone with them. however i just don’t seem to be able to envision using it in my operation. i have a small dining area…24 seats inside, mostly carry-out and delivery though. is anyone in the US who uses it willing to let me come see it in action and ask a few questions about it? i would greatly appreciate any opportunity or feedback.

i currently use rapidfire, have had it for over 10 years. i am thinking about the day when it craps out and i need something new. last week i called up a point of success dealer in my area. i go his name off their website. he came to my store with all the equip to give me a demo.
see if you can get somebody to come give you a demo.
by the way, the system looked pretty good. especially for the $.
i still love my rapidfire though. even thouh it runs on dos!

GT writes:

is anyone in the US who uses it willing to let me come see it in action and ask a few questions about it?

Maybe you should send a PM to Jeff Ward. He’s a member of this site and watches the forum section regularly, though apparently not lately. He’s one of the founders of Point Of Success and I’m sure he’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. He might even be able to get somebody out there so you can try it out. -J_r0kk

I am available by telephone at 800.752.3565, extension 102
by email at jeffw@inborne.com

Either contact method is fine.

I would be pleased to talk with you about your needs, walk you through a demo, refer you to a dealer, or whatever else you need. Additionally, we are exhibiting at Pizza Expo in March if you plan to be in Las Vegas for the event.

i’ve already spent a lot of time on the phone with one of the techs, and i will call jeff ward, but i would really like to see it work with someone who works with it and knows what problems i may encounter day to day. thanks for the input j-rokk and jeff

We have been looking at POS in Australia for some time but are not completely satisfied with waht is on offer.

Also the price runs out at around $15k for 3 touch screens/ PCs and a back office main drive, 1 cash drawer and 2 printers, plus the programe that runs it.

We have looked at the Point of Success trial system that we down loaded from their website and it looks pretty good to me.

As they are not selling direct in Australia (serviced from their Seattle branch) I would appreciate any thoughts on the pros and cons on the system.

If anyone wants to go in depth with comments, rather than block the board up, feel free to email at pizzapizzaz@iinet.net.au

Any comments both good or bad will be very much appreciated as we are not in a position to look at it in full operation as you guys can do with outlets close to you.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


If you would like to ask me some questions I have been using Point Of Success for 2 years. You can email me daddiospizzeria@hotmail. com