Point of Success vs. POS Pizza

We are working on purchasing our first p.o.s. for a small dine-in/carry out business. We also have a full service bar. Any “pros and cons” would be helpful. Thanks!

I reckon the forecast/vote will be for Point of Success, as MANY of us here use it…I’ve tried/used many - but POS is the best & easiest I’ve come across…but you have 2 do the work to set things up (or you could pay someone - like me! lol)

You should definitely download the demos for any software you’re interested in. Don’t just take the word of a salesperson or even from someone on this board without checking it out yourself.

I looked at many and decided on Point of Success for it’s ease of use and price. Its works for me, but there may be a better fit for you with something else.

I used pos pizza for several years before switching to point of success
POS Pizza is cheaper and much easier to set up but doesn’t have as many bells and whistles
Scott Slater was always very helpful whenever we had a problem.

Point of success seems to have a better touch-screen set up and a lot of reports
their technical support is also very good.

My shop is only carryout and delivery so I can’t speak to the dining room area of either software


I regret not using point of success

Point of Success handles dining rooms very well. If the OP is full service just make sure to purchase Table Manager too.

Point of Success rocks - no other way to put it.

POS Pizza is in the process of redoing their whole program. They started from scratch and were writing new code. I imagine it should be done by summer. It supposed to have a lot of additions and improvements.