Point of Success vs. POS Pizza

I am looking at these two options because I can supply my own hardware. I think I can do one of these systems for much less that a complete turnkey set up. I have read some people are using Point of Success and like it very well. Anyone using POS Pizza? Pros Cons? Also, regarding a complete turnkey system…anyone know where to get one that won’t break the bank? I am not against a complete system, I just haven’t found one that won’t break the bank. Like everyone else here, cost is a huge issue. Thanks for your help.

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I can tell you that I am not a happy camper with pos pizza. They have ZERO customer support. I have a system sitting on my dining room table and I can’t get any help inputting my menu- I emailed them last night once again and have yet to receive a response.
What good is a system without customer support???

I have POSPizza and I’ve never had any problems with support. I’ve always directed my questions to their online support forum (http://www.forums.summitcn.com/) and they usually have an answer back to me within a day. What problems are you having with inputting your menu? Maybe me or someone else on this forum can help you.

Just to be a little picky . . . if we from the forum help out (which I am all in favor of) . . . it doesn’t prove any value regarding the POSPizza customer service.

Go to superdeliver.com

I installed a whole system complete with intergrated online ordering

go to my site 202eatpizza.com

bought 3-4 computers myself …I pay $50 or so a month for the online server feature for online ordering…I just upped for tech support fo $30 month…

I do fairly good volume…best part is my online orders are growing nicely


i got my system from microworks, the support is great and easy to program

I have had POS pizza for about 5 years It works great although there are a few limitations. I don’t know anything about networking so I had that done for me. I found the inputting of the menu easy with the documentation provided and Scott Slater has always been quick to assist me when I had a problem.


what aspect of setting up your menu are you having a problem with?
Perhaps I can help.


I have a very large menu.

A big area is the coupons such as a large with 1 topping. Just how would I do this?

I just had a guy from foodtec call me. They seemed to have a nice setup…but he wanted $6500 for one station! I don’t know about anyone else…I thought that was high. I have seen plenty of systems on the web for less than $3000, and thoses had it all…touchscreens and what have you. Maybe I’m wrong…does anyone else think that $6500 is a bit much for one station?

wiseguy, my menu is also complicated. They did everything for me from A-Z. I Bought a 2 Station system from them, and am looking to get a 3rd. I made the money back in 6 months with no pricing errors, faster service, mailing lazy customers.

PM me if you have any more doubts or questions.

I use Point of Success and I would say that it performs well for me. It was kind of time consuming doing my initial setup, but if you know how to copy/paste, it makes things go a lot faster.

Their support is good and pretty responsive (most of the time).

The best thing is that they delivered on their promise. I bought the whole POS, with almost all of the add-ons for less than $1500. I bought the hardware (CPUs, touchscreens, etc.) on EBay for another $1500. So, I’m in for about $3K. That’s a heck of a lot than anything else I checked out.

Good luck in finding your right solution.

There are 2 ways you can do coupons. I have a subcategory of “coupons” and each coupon is a menu item with a negative price.

Example: menu item = 9.99 Lg 1 Top the price is -$1.00

another way you could do it is have the menu item be “coupons”
and have a “topping” for each coupon. The price of the menu item would be zero and use an abbreviation for each topping with a negative price


I have POSPIZZA and am pretty happy with it so far. Inputting the menu is a bear of a job, but once that is done, it is ok. Scott walked me through it and was very patient with me.

As for coupons, I don’t do it that way. I put it under discounts. Then I name the discount ie. “Little Kyle Special” and input the discount amount and then when someone orders a coupon item you just use your dropdown under discounts and that takes care of it. Very easy. It also limits people to one coupon!

Hope this helps!