Point of Success with Delivery

We are starting the process of upgrading our point of sales system from SelbySoft (which I’m sure no one has heard of) to a new one. I am strongly considering point of success. I am wondering how units that do delivery feel about those aspects? Can I set a standard delivery and carryout quote time to be applied to all orders and change it as business changes? Can I select delivery zones to have different fees?

A few non delivery questions for current users. How do you feel about online ordering through bighollar? Has it improved from previous posts? Can I use any CC processor? Do I need a license for every monitor I have? I am thinking about bump monitors for my make and cut tables. Any other thoughts or insights not currently shared on the forums is appreciated.


I would strongly urge you to look into Speedline Solutions. We’ve been using them for about 7 years now. Feel free to message me and I can answer any questions you may have

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Thanks for the reply Steve, Speedline is great and we were going to have to upgrade to them if we stayed with our old franchise. Unfortunately, with our sales and the features we need, the cost of them is just too much for us. Have you used Point of Success before? Or are you just a big fan of Speedline?

I’ve never used point of success, I do know there are a few if not more than a few who do use it here. The people who use it seem to like it enough. I used something that seems similar but after all these years I’m not sure it’s very much the same or not. We used POS Pizza. Scott was always easy to get a hold of there. It was a build it your own way kind of system which is how I understand point of success to be. What was the old franchise? Jets?

I have been using Point of success for 16 years. It does everything I need it to do for my carryout and delivery operation. I just started with Big Holler and have only had a few minor glitches that were easily fixed.

I recently signed up with Speedline with a install date in December. We also had SelbySolf. No more budget pos. Just not worth it.