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I just installed two new epson t88-iv printers. Everything is fine, except when I go to print the close draw report, it does not print the entire report. This is only on one of the printers. Everything else is fine on the other. Any ideas why this is doing this?

Are you aware of the forum that has been setup by Point of Success for the people that use their software? Here is the link: http://www.posroundtable.com/wowbb/

What it sounds like is the setup for the paper length in your printer settings. Here is a link that may help with your problem from the POS Round Table Forum http://www.posroundtable.com/wowbb/view … ht=printer

I hope this helps.

That forum isn’t that great. My posts usually take a long time to get a response and most of the answers are wrong. TT usually gets me the correct answer first.

aj453 - I’m having this same problem and am working on it right now, I’ll let you know if I get it fixed.

Ok, got it:

  1. Right click on your printer
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Select “Printing preferences”
  4. Select the “Paper/Quality” tab
  5. Select the “Advanced” button
  6. You’ll be able to select a paper size, I moved my from 80x126 to 80x3275

Basically you just need to tell your printer to use a longer paper source. Those instructions are from a computer using Vista, but my XP machines were virtually the same.

I have worked with many pos systems during my time in the restaurant business. Some good some bad and me getting educated with all of them. I am not here to bash any pos company they all work well in their own way. However i will tell
all buyers beware of diamond touch pos. For one think they do not stand behind there product. Also i have to say that for a restaurant that does high volume stay away from diamond touch. I have witnessed first hand many technical issuse during a major rush where diamond touch has failed. Diamond touch is a good system for a kindergarden classroom but for a pizzeria or restaurant its not worth your money.