Point of Success

Had a computer crash. Reinstalled on Friday with Point of Success support. For some reason I guess the license information didnt not get entered correctly. No problem have 30 days to enter, until one of my employees hits register now. Now was are licenses down and cant open the program. Any ideas?

On a side note, does anyone else have a ton of problems with Point of Success. It seems if I am constantly repairing it, or fixing a dead computer. It seems to have a lot of bugs. I dont know if Im doing something wrong or if its the software. Also the no service on a weekend makes absoulutly no sense to me. You are selling a service to Restaurants and have tech support Monday through Friday 8-5. Even my accounting software has weekend service till 3am.
Im opening store 3 and can get a Micros system. Anyone have a experience with them.

Reinstall the program again. It will get you back up.

Point of Success is a great program for those who are tech savvy but it is not bullet proof. You get good value for your dollar with it. If you want Cadillac service you have to buy a Cadillac. Point of Success is more in the line of a Chevy. I have used it for seven years with only an hour or two down time. I do regular data maintenance which keeps things from going sour.

I had a lot of problems my first few months, but that’s about it. I don’t do a ton of customization though, even with the new restaurant and a much larger menu.

Where is store #3 going to be?

Works great for me, with a heavily custom menu & on-line orders…most problems are Windows related, I believe…

Sure, you could buy Micros and spend 10 times what you spent on POS & will still have problems from time to time…

My frustration stems from hardware and software issues. Computers constantly going down. No matter what I spend we constantly get errors with POS. I think I have bought around 12 computers since being open. Its hard to trouble shoot on what exactly is causing the issue, but I am tired of getting calls the computer is down. I waste an ridiculous amount of time fixing these thing. If 30k is the price for no headaches so be it. Currently my computer system at both stores gives me more problems than my staff.

I’m curious as to what kinds of problems you’re having and what you are running hardware wise… I rarely had computers go down, and I was using dirt cheap 6 year old ebay specials and was running point of success premium just fine… I’m up in your area occassionally to visit my aunt and might be able to pop in sometime.

Wow sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems out there. We’re just about to start our 3rd year with them and other than replacing one screen (which we bought used and CHEAP) we really haven’t had issues. I am nearly zero tech-savy, and any question I have had and either emailed direct to Jeff or left on their bulletin board forum was promptly answered. With one exception, and even that was corrected with apologies when it was pointed out.

Congrats on unit 3!! now…just when are you sleeping these days??

aj453 send an email to jeffw@inborne.com with the server ID from the registration window. I got your first email but I can’t register without the server ID.

When I spoke with you Sunday afternoon you said that you would call us to redo the registration. I don’t see that you’ve done that yet today!

When we spoke we talked about your computer problems. I believe that it’s your printer causing the problem because Windows power management is shutting off your USB ports. Let me know if I can help you make the adjustments to the hardware that we discussed.


Yes, so sorry. Leaving the country tomorrow and that store is only open Wednesday through Sunday so it feel to the back burner today.

Thank you so much for calling me back on Sunday to work out the details. I will have my manager call you tomorrow to work out the power settings with our computers to hopefully fix our problems. I thank you again, and very pleased how Point of Success handled the problem


That’s one thing Jeff and the POS gang does that is uncommon . . . . they will do quick troublesoot for a few seconds if it is simple, and they have the forum of users online that they all peruse.

Sounds like this was NOT a Point of Success issue, yet they bellied up to the bar to help on a Sunday. They can’t do it every time, but they step up. Get their service contract, and they go full on to help.