Point of Success

I downloaded a trial of Point of Success the other day, and upon launching it received a blue death screen. Figuring it was a fluke, I tried a second time and received the same result. Then upon launching my original POS Software, my database was gone and I had to load from my most recent backup.

Anyone else had this issue? Point of Success looks really nice (I am using SuperMenu POS atm), but this really scares me away from it (I don’t think it is a computer error as this has never happened before nor since).

Jeff Ward was around here today, so hopefully he’ll see this and respond.

But, my WAG is that maybe there was a problem caused by having two databases running on the same computer.

I can tell you I’m a VERY happy Point of Success user, and the only times I’ve ever had a problem with it have been when I was screwing with something that I shouldn’t have been… but I’m a tinkerer and I can’t stop myself sometimes.


That was kind of my thought as well, as I know it’s widely used. Wanted to check around before installing it on my home computer to give it a whirl.

I have been using Point of success for 8 years and it has never given me the blue screen of death. As a former IT tech my advice has always been NEVER put a demo program on a working server. You are only asking for problems.

Well that about sums it up then, I guess I will locate it over on to my home pc and give it a try. I am unfortunately stuck at the moment with a POS that stays very true to the acronym, and doesn’t do (or does very poorly) the features it said it did. Live and learn.

Thanks for the info.

There is nothing in Point of Success or its database server that should cause this problem. We use a customized embedded database server that is completely unique to Point of Success so I can’t imagine how it could conflict with your existing system. I’d be happy to talk with you to see if we can determine the cause. You can reach me at 800.752.3565.


Thank you for the offer of help. I will touch base with you sometime during the week and see what perhaps caused it in conflict with my system to see if it would be a viable switch. Thanks!