Point of Sucess: Caller ID System

Hi POS users.

Just curious if any of you purchased and using the caller ID system?

I find it easier to just ask for the customers phone number or looking at the caller id on the phone. However, I just wanted to see if I am missing out or could be more efficient with this added feature.


I waited a number of years before buying the system and kick myself for waiting so long.

i don’t use point of success but do have a caller id system and its great! saves so much time! plus customers get a kick out of you knowing their address without asking.

I use the caller ID from POS,
Love it.
Where it really shines for us is when we already have a customer in the system, Instead of seeing “Wireless Caller” on a simple ID system it pops up their name on the screen.

Not sure what POS charges but I’m assuming it is 500 or so. There isn’t even a question on this. If you are even moderately busy you should be using integrated Caller ID. Labor savings, having a log of calls in your system, looks more professional.

Not a Point of Success user due to being in Australia but do have Caller ID on our POS system.
Things that work well with it

  1. Always have a phone contact if it is a prank order
  2. Customers love it when you have their details immediately at hand
  3. Every order has a phone contact assigned to it automatically
  4. Speeds up order taking by having details at hand unless it is a “Private Number” (not listed number)
  5. Eliminates staff taking number incorrectly - reduces errors
  6. Ensures every order has a contact number should we need to contact customer

Initial cost was about $600 for the box receiver but in the long term a great investment
As Mr Howie says “If you are even moderately busy you should be using integrated Caller ID. Labor savings, having a log of calls in your system, looks more professional” Couldn’t agree more


tho I use POS, I’ve never used the caller id box…with VOIP, the tele # shows on the handset…the staff is so ingrained to ask whether its a take out or delivery before they start an order…

What do you do with the calls that say 'Wireless Caller" on your handset?
With the POS ID box, those “Wireless Caller” ID’s showing up on the handset show up as a name in my POS terminals (of course after their data is entered the first time) it takes a few minutes out of order entry, and helps eliminate mistakes. So I believe my called-ID box has paid for itself many times over because of those reasons

I don’t get that message…just the #…we begin keying it in…I would use it, but our staff is just trained a bit different because our business…plus, much of our biz come from online…

Okay, so the phone ID gives you the number, but not the name? Okay, some of our phones will state “Wireless Caller” others will show “Blank” or have nothing but the number
Either way, with the caller-ID box installed, that “No Name, but shows a number” showing up on you current caller-ID box/phone will be attached to a name in Point of Success system.
This happens after entering their data only once .
Many times I see only a number showing on my phones, but when I click on the “Phone Order” button, the name is visible because that data was entered the first time they called. It really is a time saver for us and i believe it was money well spent on my end