Police discounts???

Who gives discounts for the police? Do you give free food?

Tell us what you do.

free delivery
15% off orders on acct
for individual orders we usually comp drinks, etc

I think you have to have a VERY clear policy on this. Nothing ticks off a customer as much as not giving a discount that he/she feels entitled to. If you give a 50% discount “because you’re a cop”, then next time, it had better be 50%, not 25%. Also, determine if you make a distinction between “in uniform” or “on duty”, etc.

If the cops get it, then so do the fire dept. What about emergency medical folks? Only “government-owned” or any?

Think about what the purpose of the discount is. Is it to “say thanks” to public servants? If so, does the mayor or city council get a discount? Okay, I doubt a city council person would make the argument, but it could be made and if you’re going to “take a stand” by giving a discount, your employees need to know WHO gets it and WHY. Also, be careful about making it a big string of rules. Can a detective come in before his shift and get the discount or just those who are in uniform (and assumed to be on-duty)? Does the cop’s family get one if the cop is with them, but not “working”?

I’m making it harder than it should be, but there’s always some clown willing to make a big stink over nothing and bad-mouth you at every turn.

A very simple “we appreciate our public servants who put their lives on the line and offer all police and firemen a 50% discount while on-duty”. It’s clear, concise, and simple – except for “firemen” being gender specific :).

Honestly it is up to you. you dont have to give them a disc but is nice to do it. use your judgement, if the order is 27 Dollars and some change, give it to them for 15. something like that. remember you take case of them they will take care of you with extra care when you need to.

We had a well known policy that cops eat free. Then one of my drivers got a ticket on a run. Pizzas on the seat next to him! I’m sure he was speeding. But most cops have a unwritten policy not to ticket drivers around here. (They want their pizza fast too!) THen I got not one but TWO tickets within 3 weeks of each other. Every time I woudl use the names of the cops that came into the store and told me to drop their name if I get pulled over. That ended free food for cops! 3 tickets for my store in a months time and they can but their damn food!

were you breaking the law? why should you get off because you gave a cop some free food do you know cops are one of the lowest paid proffesions they do it because they love it not for the money i lett cops eat off of the buffet for A $1 and if not they pay food cost i have alot of cop freinds and they know they are not getting it for free that way no one can say that i am bribing the cops they provide a sevice and they are here for us

i find it upsetting that you say forget them because you droped a cops name and did not get off what happens if the guy who gave you a ticket is that other cops boss now you have gotten him trouble

i totally support the guys in blue and everyone here should who do you call if you have bad feeeling about and an address or a strange car outside it sure aint your barber

Funny you should ask, my last delivery tonight was to the police dept. We don’t charge for delivery, and once in a while we’ll surprise them with a couple pizzas & bread sticks( it’s a great way to get rid of those screwed up orders). As long as we don’t single out a specific officer and give him free food, the cheif says it’s legal.
Tom R

I give 30% to all emergency service people. The one condition is they must pick up their order. I also give 15% discount to the teacher who show their association card. Again they must pick up.

We give all police free pizza on pick up orders. I like having the police cars parked in our lot if even just for a few minutes. Theres too many armed robberies around me and I see having their cars in our lot as a deterrent. The fact that they may give our drivers a few brakes on tickets also helps, but is not expected.

We would give the police 50% off and at times I would buy their meal for them. I had at least one officer in the store every night after 10:00pm. They would always park where their cars could be clearly seen from the road. That is the cheapest security that you can get. When I did have problems at the store with the late night drunk or unruly guest there was never a shortage of officers on the scene.


We send any screwup orders to the PD or FD as well for free


My sentiments exactly.

We give them 25% off and often throw in a garlic bread if they by a couple of pizzas.

It is great cheap security when they come in or are parked outside.

I went out and encouraged them to come to us by giving them a deal.

My Grandma gave cops free coffee 60 years ago and these were the guys who walked their beats!

Sorry but not all cops and teachers are low payed (many aren’t), that excuse doesn’t work for me, not to mention I pay their salaries.
They knew the pay scales going in.

I’ve been told by many police all over not to have a posted or specific policy.

If one comes in and you want to give them something just do it. Especially posted policies get’s the public upset about “special treatement” towards them and the business owner.

We’ve been open 9 years. first year or so FREE food for cops. Ther were always cops in the dining room(we only have 24 seats). Too much so cut it to 50% off, still too much. FREE drinks and no tax, closer. For last few years we’re at FREE drinks only, it seems to be just right for us. Also, if I’m ever asked to advertise or donate, the answer is YES. I too have couple of buddies who are cops, it’s a dangerous and sometimes thankless job which I’m glad I’m not doing, God Bless Them.