Police/fireman discount

Hey everyone- what percentage discount is appropriate for police/fire/first responders?

Not sure if there a true answer, but we do 15% off for first responders, medical, teachers, police, military.

We do 50% for police officers

In addition to owner a pizza shop, I am a full time law enforcement officer. While a discount is never expected, I can tell you we truly appreciate any discount that is provided. I have had to throw food away because I got a “hot” call, or just been so back to back busy that I never got to eat (similar to restaurant), all while working out of a car. So when we’re on duty we’re forced to eat out a lot, and it gets to be expensive. I give 50% off (employee discount) to any on duty law enforcement, EMS, firefighters, dispatchers, doctors, nurses, etc, and 30% to off duty personnel, as well as any teachers, military, and other service industry workers.

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We do not offer discounts.

We offer 50% off to on duty Police/Fire who dine in. This is for a couple reasons- 1. I’m a retired police officer. 2. They are a good presence in the store. 3. If something happens, we get top notch priority.

We have atleast 10 police officers in uniform come in for food daily, and I haven’t given any discount. This thread is making me realize I need to change that.

we do not charge them for any drinks ever

I had a chief of police tell me once not to give his officers a discount due to that fact, that I would expect preferential treatment if something was to happen

I had an officer tell me they can’t take something for free because it could be considered a bribe. So I just give them a discount.