**POLL** Conveyor Oven or Deck Oven, what do you use?

With over 1500 views and many pages of replies, a poll has been requested.

thank you.


As it appears, that members of the top 30,000 pizza shops seldom post to this forum. Can I cast the votes for them?

Of course not.

I may be wrong but It appears that we have mostly individual operators and relatively small chains participating in this forum. Most often they are complete neophytes and desperately need help. That’s great! There is little I can do to help the members of most competent chains. They are paying royalties for help from their franchiser and usually they are getting good advise.

If, what little I have learned in 54+ years in this industry can be of help to any one, they are welcome to it.

George Mills

deck oven gas

Of course you feel this way…it’s money in your pocket. I have both at different shops. I have worked with every kind of oven during crunch time in the middle of the hottest kitchens.
You are so bent on a product only because you make cash from it. Respect others opinions.

Wow, George - you are trying a bit too hard.

You are failing in the public relations area. Take a step back, a deep breath, and stop taking everything as a personal attack.

There was really no need for you to post on this thread at all - after all, you don’t use either oven, do you? I’m sure your input and expertise is welcomed and appreciated in every other thread.


The interesting part to me is that the people answering the poll are lining up on GAS as opposed to electric. That is a useful piece of info gleaned fomr this conversation.

We are haggling and kibitzing over decks and belts, but majority seems to bein the line of using some sort of gas fuel.

Sorry, I didn’t vote because I don’t like your categories. My suggestion for a poll:

Standard Deck
Rotating Deck (Rotoflex, Picard, etc.)
Impingement/Convection Conveyor
Infrared Conveyor (Q-matic)
Brick Oven (wood or coal fired)

I think that pretty much covers the types, right guys? Each in my opinion are distinctively different.

If you do not distinguish between gas and electric, then this would probably cover the field.

set up another poll with these categories,i am curios also

and i was hoping for a better result than only 23 responses.not much to determine here…