POLL: Do you use conveyor or brick oven?

Just a quick query as to what type of oven the folks here use as their PRIMARY pizza oven. I am very curious as we have always used brick ovens.

Ok, who posted other and didn’t elaborate? :stuck_out_tongue:

So what, do you use a microwave? Hehehe, just jokin’

How times have changed. A deck oven is now considered “other…” :lol:

Maybe they have a brick or two in the bottom of their conveyor. :smiley: Put in a couple of bricks and a 2x4 and you can have a brick lined wood oven. :smiley:

Is there a brick oven that isn’t a deck oven? Is there a deck oven that isn’t lined with brick or some other ceramic pad?

Seriously…I would really like to know as I am only aware of brick deck ovens or conveyor ovens being used for commercial pizza making.

I use a Garland Air Deck oven and a Montague deck oven

These are typically what would be considered a brick oven.

These would be deck ovens.

What’s an oven? I use Sterno and a cookie sheet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Picard makes a stone conveyor oven. I have heard of quite a few using “deck” ovens cooking on steel as opposed to bricks. Rotoflex ovens are sold with steel decks with bricks being an upgrade(with an upgraded price).

I’m a conveyor oven user so I can’t comment on the cook or reasons for using one of the above.

Wood fired ceramic, I use a 50/50 split of oak and birch woods. The oak burns really hot and the Birch imparts a unique, savory flavor.

I use this oven http://www.veroforno.com/ (4deck)

Thanks for opening my eyes a bit. I figured there were probably some specialized oven types, but I didn’t think they were much used in a typical commercial pizza place.

I also know what a “traditional” brick oven is, but always thought that in your typical pizza restaurant, a deck oven was commonly referred to as a brick oven (whether firebrick or ceramic).

I also wish it was possible to go with a wood fired brick oven in our store, but that isn’t possible, at least without 10s of thousands of dollars of work, something I can’t afford for our little town.

Thanks everyone for the replies :slight_smile:

I use a deck oven but I knew what you meant. When explaining to a customer I refer to my deck as…we cook our pizzas on stones.

I have seen a few brick ovens and would love to get my pie in one…but taste delicious in the deck :slight_smile: Sadly we have had the deck oven for almost 18 years and they are on it’s last leg. When we had our other location we had a brand new deck and even after 2 years just never tasted identical to our original oven. It was wierd. Like a great pair of jeans the more you wear um out the better they get.
When we sold the place we decided to keep the old and sell the new.


I’ve been sold for a while but used deck/stone. IMHO, there is a huge difference in quality.