Poll for Canukfanlady

Well guys, let me know!

Maybe you should add a fourth option to poll… Yes, add oven capacity and become takeout/delivery/lunch AND take and bake.!

So . . . which choice means “yes”???

Lol! I was thinking the same thing…

I vote for #4 too!

I think the slice idea is a good one - buy a small ‘slice’ oven. People who like the slices may well come and get a T&B pizza for their evening meal?

If you were going to get an oven then really you’d want to seriously consider delivery and that entails a major shift in your business model which you may not be ready for and the cost of doing this may leave you little for marketing.

Ther slice idea could be a ‘tester’ for you.

So you’d better put another option on (in addition to the ‘Yes’ option).