POLL: How much do you NET per year (Anonymous poll)

Just wondering how you guys do. Poll is private, no one will know but you what you select!
I thought it would be fun to see the average net income amung us TT members. Anonymous polls are great for this.

Wtf, 60 views 6 respondants?
Jesus people its private no one will know how you voted…

Keep in mind many views come from the bots roaming the topics. Hard for them to vote :slight_smile:

you should have another poll having owners salaries

@perry You take a salary?


Aside from the gallows humor… There are many ways for an owner to derive value from the ownership of the business. Taking a salary is the way that has the highest possible tax consequence… so I think you will find that most of us take a very low salary or wage or none at all.

Among the legal ways for an owner to benefit:

1st choice: Deductible owner benefits.
2nd choice: Long term cap gains.
3rd choice: Passive income through rent.
4th choice: S-Corp Dividends.
Last choice: W-2 Wages.