(poll) Who uses box liners?

I have been using them for 2 years now. Most other shops around me use nothing.

I have been using Perfect Crust liners for about 6 years. I order a years supply at a time.

Yeah, I remember you saying that. It must be nice. :slight_smile:

been using it for 2 years customers like it. we use the 12" liner for both sizes

I used the perfect crust liners briefly and thought they actually made the pizza worse. They would get kind of soggy and they don’t really hold the product up from the liner itself so the pizza would just sit on a soggy liner, absorbing the moisture into the crust. Maybe I need to give them another shot but I thought that plain corrugated worked better.

I used to use perfect crust liners a few years ago

Perfect crust liners are a glorified paper plate at 5x cost

So thats what I use now an inverted paper plate.

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I have been using them also, without fail, for 2 years. I just wonder is it really necessary. I made a couple crew pies, and put them in them box without liners to see what the crew thought. I can’t tell the difference, nor could they. I hate the additional cost, plus my shop is 600 SQ feet, so storage is a pain.

I Recently switched to reinhart foods, and you order them one week and then you will get them on the second week, so I have to plan real well.

I agree with you. I used them from April to August, and I got a few complaints for soggy pizza.

That Funny"! Thats what one of the most popular DELCOs in Richmond does
(Belmont Pizza) Ppaer plates for 10" and wax papaer for 14", 16" and 18".

There definitely is a value in that, the customer thinks these must be special pizza, cause they put them on these fancy disk, and the other pizza shops don’t.

You need to be careful with wax paper. We used to use it for our sheet pizzas. Had a heck of a time w/ them sliding in the box and totally messing up the pizza. Granted, sheet pizzas have a tendency to do that anyways, but it made it worse.
@Daddio what are you paying for liners? Are you getting them direct, or from a distributor? We are paying 26.28 for 10" and 39.18 for 14".

Not sure what a sheet pizza is. Also wax paper holds the grease and steam right there on the crust.

They have a product called pizza savers
Its like a plastic mesh screen.
A place near me uses them only for specialty pizzas/5+ toppings
Nothing is used for their regular pizzas

Id say the ripple boards are the best overall for performance and price. Id use them but none of my vendors carry them

Full sheet pan. If you use dough boxes, we use aluminum sheet pans instead.

Oh now I understand. Thanks

I am buying direct. The price would not be comparable as it is in Canadian dollars and includes shipping to the end of the earth.

although this is an older thread, I’d like to share what a small Mom & Pop pizza shop uses. We buy the full pan sized parchment papers, 2/3 of it fits our take & bake pizzas, so those are used for that, the remaining 1/3 is cut in half and stacked for lining our 10" small pizza box, then for the 14" and 16" boxes we just use the plain paper grease proof wrap 12"x12" (1,000 sheets/box) which are used to line fry baskets or wrap sandwiches in… they really work great at keeping grease from soaking through the bottom of the box! Its saved us a ton of money, we did look into a variety of options but we have no space for storing anything long term (for example buying 'take & bake" trays were so expensive and we gave up those for a matching sized cardboard round topped with the baking parchment which – later I found a pizza tossing team member showed how his shop did take and bakes, it was the same way we’d been doing ours and I felt relieved we were doing it right all along!

Hope what we do is helpful out there for someone else!