Pool League's - Any help?

I bought a pizza place 5 months ago that was a franchise (after 20years of managing pizza places) didn’t keep the franchise just the location and equipment which was probably a bad idea I’m still battling the previous owners bad reputation but things are getting better everyday and everyone that does come in says its the best pizza in town, we are still trying to get the word out. But since taking over i have also added pool tables and have gotten our abc license - its a small town no other pool tables around and i thought the would be doing better by now than the are. so my question to all you PMQer’s that have been so great with information up til now is does anyone else have pool tables and if so do you have a league night ? I’m trying to start a pool league to bring people in more often but no nothing about pool or how to organize a league, so any info you might have on this subject would be greatly appreciated .

As a member of two different pool leagues I can tell you that they definitely generate revenue for the bars that participate in them. The participating bars all offer free pool for league players on certain nights. They also give the leagues free use of the tables on league night. One of the local bars that hosts teams for one of the leagues gets 10 teams playing there every Tuesday and every Wednesday. Each of these teams has a minimum of 5 players, up to 8 players. Plus many of these players show up with friends or spouses. That’s alot of potential for beer and food sales. They offer league players free use of the pool tables on Sunday, Monday and Thursday, days when the tables would be very busy anyway. My suggestion would be to check out the APA at www.poolplayers.com

Great idea. I have no alcohol but a nice space that I used as a party room. It really never took off. I was approached by someone wanting to play. They thought I would ask for a cover but I said just keep it clean. Last Friday I had the jazz band (young crowd) play and they packed the house and spend $$$$ on food.

Get the people through the door and they will buy/drink.

How about adding a dart league?


You’ll have a really difficult time having a dart league without alcohol.

I thought he had alcohol?


Sorry PT, I thought you were talking bout a dart league to put your party room to use. A dart league is a great option for the right style bar as more darters are drinkers than pool players. The space needed for dartboards is certainly alot less than the space needed for pool tables.

Thanks guys I’m not a bar I’ve got a 80 seat carryout & delivery and i sell beer and wine on premises its a small town 6000 population if i can get them in the door the fall in love with the pizza only 3 other places in town 1 is dominos the other 2 are independents I’m in the main shopping center and the radio shack next door to me closed down and i took the 1100 sq ft connected the 2 stores and added pool tables and video games thinking of adding tv’s for the games this town has nothing like this and I’m used to the big city’s dart boards are a great idea and I’ll look into that 2 but really trying to hold tourneys to get people in the door