Portable signs

Has anyone used portable signs like these http://www.postcardportables.com/ ?

One of my regular customers just got intothe business of renting them and wants me to give it a try. I am not sure how effective they are. The price is 1/4 of what a standard billboard rents for in my area.

If you’ve got a good place to put it, seems like it would definately catch an eye. Are they only renting them? No way to buy them outright? The rental fees seem kind of high ($350-$375C per month).

It seems like it would be more cost effective to have a sign made on MDO plywood and mount it on a nice portable base. It’s yours and you don’t have to worry about recurring fees.

In fact, I was thinking about doing something like that and mount it on a small trailer. That way, I could go park my car with the sign/trailer in optimal locations and not worry about the pesky “off premises sign permits”.