Porting Vital Link

Hi guys i’m an IT for a resturant, and vital link has been hell, trying to port it to a new server, as the server needs upgrades

problem is my client needs to keep her database… so i tried even doing it manually with access

funny thing is the defered orders do not work… it says it defers, but no print
and she has 2 restaurants so i tried the old customers on the newer restaurant (it has a way updated version of vital link but honestly its the same thing just more graphics)

this time the defered orders work, but if you go into order history and look into deffered the system crashes…

i called granbury but as you guys know they are a PITA, and nothing but money hungry… i asked their lead tech specifically and he said honestly he doesn’t think the customers can be ported even if we upgrade the system… which is sad.

and about the defer’d errors, they told me upgrade or take a hike, oh and i would need to remake all the menus and input in the customer data manually… if anyone has advice for vitallink, who’s fixed little bugs in it before, please let me know! thanks!