Portion Control Scales

Big Dave from http://www.bigdaveostrander.com/ always talked about a portion control scale that he recommends… Anybody know which one it is?


weightronix seems to ring a bell…when i go in I will try to remember and post the model…have had it for over 8 yrs with no problem

It was the Avery Berkel 6115. I have 2 of them in a very high volume pizzeria and they work great. They arent cheap but they really take a beating. Im very happy with the product.

Ditto. I haven’t had any trouble with the 6115’s I have. However, I think it was Paul that had trouble with his - couldn’t get the eye calibrated or something, seem to remember he was slightly unhappy with it… :lol:

Does the scale have room for a 20" pizza? It looks a little on the small side and I am concerned that the 20” pie will not fit on the scale.

Same here. Great scale save for the motion sensor. Under the right light conditions they work fine but under our flourecents they are a pain in the azz. At home in my kitchen it works great.

We just keep a stainless steel bowl on the scale and measure and dump the cheese as we go. Imo, its way faster than placing the pizza on the scale and resetting it to zero every single time.

Yeah, but I don’t know that it has to do with that, because my stores are full of florescent (bright daylights) too, as I would think that just about every kitchen is. It might have to do with the position of those, but I’m not sure. After calibrating I’ve never had a problem with the sensor.

Have to agree with the other posts…great scale…sensor is a pain in the azz…

You have to position it just right so that your regular body movements don’t trigger it, just the motion to actually reset it.

We do this by turning the sensor/read out panel away for us at an angle far enough away from our body but not too far that we can’t still read it…has worked for us!

We make a 24" pizza and I take the entire wooden pizza peel and put it on the scale and zero it out. Then put your cheese on and thats it.